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MINECRAFT adventure 2 oliver made this

No description

Oliver Diaz

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of MINECRAFT adventure 2 oliver made this

so steve goes to
find the chest Start steve found a rare
floating block
with a
sign on it a gardian
shall get you steve realizes that the zombie is a
giant! steve then learns his creater's name Markuss
Persson (aka Notch) he made it on May 17, 2009
and recived his diamonds he also made armor with them minecraft adveture 2 dumdumdum steve needs help
because he doesn't
know what to do
after he found his diamond!
(do this in full screen) the diamond
says there is a chest with more of them steve decides to craft a diamond sword! he kills the zombie! steve sees the zombie
mabye thats the gardian that died for a long time and lived as a zombie from then the gardian
get you
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