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Digital Storytelling with Social Media

No description

John Sanchez

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Digital Storytelling with Social Media

Presented by Annie Schmidt and John Sanchez Digital Storytelling with Social Media First Steps
Know your audience
Drive Traffic
Engage in Real Time Communications
Listen to your community! Facebook Largest social network
65% of audience is over 35
Versatility of storytelling
Easy to edit on the go Twitter Easy to share and promote
Micro-blogging works well for statistics, shout outs, and quick responses
Features- Vine, mass texting YouTube Share life experiences
87% of marketers use video content.
Ability to cross-promote and embed videos onto other sites
YouTube Nonprofit Program Lingo Like
Tag Must use a personal account
Upload important information
Join groups and like pages that are relevant
Invite friends! How to Start Lingo @
# How to Start Create a recognizable handle
Follow people in your field
Join #conversations
Let people know you’ve joined twitter How to Start Create your organization's Channel, automatically links to personal Google accounts
Upload your first video
Share the video via social networks
Respond to comments Pinterest 3rd most popular network in America
82% of users are female
Works well to drive traffic to an organization's site
SEO friendly Lingo Pin
# How to Start Create an account
Follow other nonprofits
Add a pin to a pin board
Use hashtags for SEO! Google+ Compatible w/ Google Apps
Search-able Content via Google
Live-streaming with YouTube
80% of users engage weekly Lingo
Communities How to Start Create a personal profile, followed by your organization's Page
Add coworkers, friends, family, etc., into Circles
Invite contacts to your org.'s Page
Post statuses, videos, photos, to your Page
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