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Predators that could potential kill the Pythons

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Incarnation Catholic

on 11 April 2017

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Transcript of Predators that could potential kill the Pythons

Pythons in the Everglades
How invasive species spread
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They can spread through ships:Ships can carry aquatic organisms
They can spread through wood products: insects can get into wood that is shipped around the world
They can spread through ornamental plants: some of these plants can spread into the wild and become invasive
They can spread through pet trade: Some people can't take care of their pets, so they leave them in the wild and they can become invasive by disrupting the ecosystem.

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How they are a threat
They are trying to be to at the top of the food chain by eating alligators. Also, this is disrupting the food web, food chain, and the ecosystem of the Everglades.
Lives In
They originally came from Asia, but now they are currently living in the Everglades.
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Work Cited

The increase of the python living in
the Everglade from 1995 to 2010
Sterilizing the Python and how this solution will work
Sterilizing the Pythons
There are many ways that we can stop the Python from becoming more of a threat to the ecosystem. One of those ways is sterilizing them.
Sterilization- The act of making an animal or human unable to reproduce or make babies
Sterilization and its uses
Sterilization will prevent the Python from having any more babies
This will prevent it from spreading it form spreading as an invasive species

It will take away the ability of the Python to have any more babies
We can do this method at any time of the year
Sterilization will permanently kill all of the Python's sperm or egg cells(depending on the gender)
There will be less Pythons in the Everglades to disrupt the food chain or food web
Pythons are very aggressive animals and can be difficult to locate
We would need at least 50 rangers. 2 rangers for each Python.
Predicted decrease in the Python population

Wildlife biologist have predicted that there would be a 15% decrease in the Python population if we sterilized them
How many rangers and veterinarians we need for the job

We need 50 rangers to find the Python and keep him captive
We need 12 veterinarians to inject the sterilizer into the Python

Predicted increase in the Alligator population

Wildlife Biologist have predicted that there would be a 25% increase in the Alligator population because there would be less Pythons to eat the Alligator.
This means Alligators would be more a little more safe and secure
Why this will work?
My team believes this will work mainly because the sterilization is permanent in stopping the Python from reproducing
If we test the sterilizer on other Python as a test subject, and the results are what we want. Then we can use it on the Python
If we can hire the right rangers and veterinarians for the job, it will be more easier to handle the Python and sterilize it, and this project will be more of a success

"Sterilization (microbiology)." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 08 Apr. 2017. Web. 11 Apr. 2017.
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