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Forged by Fire

No description

Jessica Freeman

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Forged by Fire

Chapter 1 1. What are the "important things" that Gerald knew at three years old? 2. What is Gerald's mother's excuse for punishing Gerald? 3. Who "saves" Gerald occasionally? 4. What did Gerald accidentally do? Chapter 2 1. Who rescued Gerald from the fire? What was his mother calling him when she arrived on the scene? 2. Where is Gerald's mother? 3. Who is Gerald going to stay with? Chapter 3 1. How long has Gerald been with Aunt Queen? 2. What five words would you use to describe Aunt Queen? 3. What "unexpected present" is Gerald getting on his birthday? Chapter 4 1. Why has Gerald's mother stayed away for the year she's been out of jail? 2. From what point of view is the story told? (Notice we are told what each character is thinking and feeling.) Chapter 5 1. At first, does Gerald seem eager to see his mother? 2. What is your first impression of the man with Gerald's mother? 3. What is the first big surprise Gerald receives? 4. What does Gerald's mother want? Chapter 6 1. What is Gerald's observation about Angel? Do you think he's right? 2. What do you think is happening at the end of the chapter? Chapter 7 1. According to Monique, why is Jordan angry? What does this tell us about him? 2. What does the death of Aunt Queen mean for Gerald? Do you predict he will be happy? 3. What kept Gerald from running away? Chapter 8 1. How does Monique act when Jordan comes after Angel? 2. What role does Gerald now play in Angel's life? 3. What does Jordan tell Angel will happen if she tells? Chapter 9 1. How does Monique say she feels about Jordan? 2. Why doesn't Angel want to ask for help? 3. What does Gerald do to put his plan to have Angel sleep in his room in motion? 4. What is Jordan's gift to Angel? Chapter 10 1. What does Gerald miss the most about Aunt Queen? 2. Why doesn't Angel want to ask for help? 3. What does Gerald do to put his plan to have Angel sleep in his room in motion? 4. What is Jordan's gift to Angel? Chapter 11 1. Who tries to help comfort Gerald? 2. What does Mr. Washington want to do? Chapter 12 1.What happens to Jordan at the beginning of the chapter? 2. How does Monique react to what has happened? Chapter 13 1. What did Monique wear to the trial? Why? 2. Who showed up at court? 3. What does Monique whisper to Jordan across the court room? 4. What was Jordan's sentence? Chapter 14 1. Describe life for Gerald and Angel after Jordan went to jail. 2. What is Monique doing more and more often? Chapter 15 1. Describe the tone of this chapter. Do you think Gerald is happy? 2. Who's sitting on the couch when Gerald and Angel get home? Chapter 16 1. How is Monique reacting to Jordan's return? How does this make you feel? 2. Who does Gerald call? What does he tell him to do? Chapter 17 1. What does Monique seem to be the most concerned about at Angel's recital? 2. Do you think Jordan has really changed? Chapter 18 1. What happened to Monique? Chapter 19 1. Who did Monique ask about when she regained consciousness? How does he act while she's hospitalized? 2. What does Gerald do to make Angel feel better? Chapter 20 1. What do you notice happening to Jordan? 2. Why doesn't Angel want to call the police? Chapter 21 1. What do you notice about the conversation in the locker room? What is this foreshadowing? 2. What are yo-yo grades? 3. How does Gerald react to Rob's death? Chapter 22 1. Who did Gerald notice did not come to the funeral? Is this surprising? 2. What shocking thing does Jordan tell Angel? Chapter 23 1. Why does Gerald have a slight advantage over Jordan, even though Jordan is stronger? Chapter 24 1. What happened to Jordan? How does Monique react to this?
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