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Florida Cession 1819

No description

Karla Zenteno

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Florida Cession 1819

Florida Cession 1819
Geography Area
72,101 square miles.
Fulfillment Of Manifest Destiny
How? The United States gain ed Florida because it was a lot of land.

Why? This land had many resources which was benefial for the Americans becuase they were able to trade, travel easily and had some riches.
Facts About The Territory Acquisition
Spain ceded all of the East Florida to the U.S.
Spain lost Florida due to the French Indian War.
The boundary between Louisiana Purchase was settled.
Native rich land.
Spain gave up to claim West Florida.
Key Figures In Territory Acquisition
Group Members
Karla Zenteno
Jose Tapia
Sandra Briones
Kimberly Rodriguez
Chelsea Persaud
Justin Echevarria
Anthony Diaz

James Monroe was the president during this time.
John Quincy Adams was the Senator of State.
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