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LSA2010 Classic vs.Positive theory

No description

Alysha Camacho

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of LSA2010 Classic vs.Positive theory

Classical Theory Vs. Positive schools What is classical theory???? - is based upon free will
and refering to a crime is
committeed after the indivdual
looks at pros and cons to their
decision. Positive Schools-
-This theory is basically saying
before a crime is to be committed
the person who is committing the crime
will sit down and look at pros and cons of the
crime and what will happen to them if they commit the crime. example of classical theory
- lets say i want to go rob a bank
before I do that im going to sit down
and make a list of pros and cons of robbing
a bank. Before I decide to go and become
rich very fast!!!!! What is biological theory?????
-this theory claims that criminal behavior is a result of biological or inborn defects or abnormalities. -this basically says wether you have unbalanced hormones or theres something wrong with your genes when your developing as an offspring or basically your outside features those inborn defects are infulencing you to commit crime "born a criminal" What is psyhological
theory????? -it is something you can't control
it's in your mind thats telling you
to commit crime. It's like it's behind
the scenes you dont know why your doing
it but you do it because you can't control
it. What is social theory????? -behavior is changed
by the process of interacting
with others. Balance of the social
influences such as values,attitudes
and imitation. this theory was written by
Beccaria. An example of
psyhological theory. - say if you have a
multiple personality disorder.
you may be taking meds to tone
down whats going on behind the scene
rather then taking on and commit crimes
that you dont even know your doing. example of biological
theory -if your head(skull) is
different or developed differetly then your most likely to commit a crime. this basically says the choices
you make to commit crime are influenced
by the people you intereact with. An example of social
theory- if you grew up in a high class
family you more likely not to commit crime rather then if you grew up in the ghetto your more
likely to commit crime because your around it all the time and there its okay to commit crime
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