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Resume Jonneke

An interactive resume that allows viewers to learn a bit more about me than they would from a typical one-pager

Jonneke Berkien

on 26 September 2017

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Transcript of Resume Jonneke

Higher Professional Education
Business Administration, with a concentration on Tourism and Event Management


Some other jobs I've had...
During my college years I worked part-time as usherette in a Cinema and as bartender in a restaurant.

In my final year I worked as a public recruiter for Pauw and Witteman, a late night talk show, focused on current affairs and politics.

The summers between my third and fifth year of High School, I worked as camp counselor at the National Sport Camps in Laren. I supervised children ranging from 6 to 14 and taught classes in field hockey and other outdoor games.
The resume of
Jonneke Berkien

And pushing myself to new heights...
Peru, 2014
Native speaker
Let's turn your ideas into reality!
Language Skills
Computer Skills
Who am I?

An enthusiastic and committed young professional, who loves to be among people and has a big interest in other cultures.

Likes to meet challenges and to push her limits. So far I have done this by traveling abroad, participating in international exchange and doing spontaneous things such as skydiving and hitchhiking.

Studied Business Administration, with a specialization in tourism and event management.

Living in Amsterdam, currently working in the hospitality branche and eager to take on new challenges.

Why I would be a good addition to your company? Read on and find out!..
Saxion University
Main subjects:

business economics, marketing, communication, entrepreneurship in tourism and recreation, hospitality performances, organization of events, English and Spanish

During my study I did an internship at the head office of TUI Travel Netherlands, where I worked as assistant product manager at the tour operating division.
Main activities were: making brochure texts, maintaining the travel website, making competitive overviews and price comparisons, updating product information, tracking emails, recording phone calls and answering questions about contracts

My second internship took me to Australia, were I worked as assistant manager in a Backpackers Hostel for 7 months. Here I was organizing and promoting theme nights and parties, maintaining the social media channels, analyzing monthly purchase and sales figures, keeping stock beds and processing (group) reservations.

For my final Thesis I moved to Amsterdam, were I did a research on customer experience in the Dutch hostel chain Stayokay.

Nomads Backpackers Melbourne, Australia
Corkscrew, Exeter, England
Tui Travel Enschede, Netherlands
After graduation, I participated in a monthly course in England. Here I lived with a host family and worked as part of an international team to implement a new social media marketing strategy for a local social enterprise. Furthermore, I got classes in entrepreneurship, creative thinking and speaking in front of local business people.
Stayokay Amsterdam, Netherlands
What characterizes me?
2008 - 2013
Field hockey
International Exchange
What excites me most?
critical thinker
Furthermore, I like to keep myself busy with photography, painting, fashion, cooking, going out with friends and meeting new people..
Throughout my childhood I traveled a lot with my parents.
They inspired me to take interest in other cultures. So far I have been to America, Australia and several countries in Europe.
I play field hockey for many years now. What I love about the game is that it allows me to be energetic, fanatic and to play together with teammates.
Traveling for me is not just about hopping in a car or getting on a plane and going somewhere to relax and enjoy the scenery; it is much more. It is about discovering new places, people and the ability to reflect on a life I have temporarily left behind.
I strongly believe that traveling is the best method to get to know yourself and become the person you want to be.
My ideal work environment has a social, informal, dynamic and creative atmosphere, that stimulates its employees to work hard and to develop themselves.
Present job
At the moment I work in a hotel in Amsterdam. As a senior receptionist I am part of the Front Office team and take care of the check-in/check-out procedure of guests. I assist the General Manager in various tasks and train new employees.
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