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Green Aurora

No description

jack snedden

on 3 June 2015

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Transcript of Green Aurora

Mission Statement
some of my goals to make aurora a greener community includes...
Green Aurora will not burn any fossil fuels. Instead they will get their energy by using renewable resources such as wind, geothermal and solar power. This will reduce the destruction of non renewable resources. Which will help us in the long run by teaching us new ways of getting energy, so that we will never run out of our non renewable resources.
some of the changes i will make so that aurora is greener include...
Solar Panels
I would like to put solar panels on the roofs of residential and commercial buildings (stores, restaurants, homes, apartments etc.). I think this would benefit the community a lot because we are using to much electricity and having these would help create some electricity for the stores and homes to use.
How i will get people involved and aware
We could have drawing contests where people enter their illustrations that represent what a green aurora looks like to them. Then the winners would have their drawing shown in the aurora banner. This would help people get aware!
Events are a great way to get the community involved so that they feel like they are making a difference. some events that the eco leaders could host is liter clean ups and family seed planting which would benefit the community greatly. Another event that would be helpful for many people who have unwanted items are trading days. These days would allow peop,e to bring unwanted items and trade them with others instead of throwing them out.
All residential and commercial buildings will have solar panels on them
All cars will be battery run
There will be bike lanes beside every street
Green Sidewalks
Green sidewalks are tiles that when stepped on they compress which generates power that is sent to a battery to store the energy. I think that these should be on all of our sidewalks so that we can use that energy to power all the streetlights. Also i think they should be in malls, grocery stores and recreation centers because these buildings use a lot of energy for lighting. These are places that are very popular and there is many people walking around so this would generate a good amount of energy, to power all the lights.
We will encourage everybody to use bikes or walk whenever they can, but we realize that for some people it is not possible for them to get to work without a car. For those people we will make it a requirement that if they are using a car it must be battery run, such as the Nissan leaf. This will help a lot to control the amount of emissions from cars. And reduce the amount of fossil fuels we burn.

We will make it as convenient as possible for people who chose to bike places by having bike lanes available everywhere in aurora, and having more bike lock stations outside of buildings.
As a community everybody will feel part of our changes to become greener
No fossil fuels will be burned
Wind Turbines
Wind turbines are a good way to get energy but aren't always reliable, because some days there might not be as much wind as other days. We would still like to use them but at places where it wouldn't matter if the lighting wasn't as bright some days. These places would include barns and storage lots. Both these buildings are located on areas with extra land where it wouldn't cause to much disturbance by having wind turbines.
Geothermal Energy
Geothermal is a great way to heat and cool you home without burning any fossil fuels. We will have this underneath all residential buildings so they can heat their homes in the winter and cool them in the summer.
Commercial & Residential
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Transportation & Communication Technology
Tourism & Recreation
Energy Use & Waste Management
Recycled Parks
All parks will be made with recycled metal and materials! There is plenty of extra material that is in good enough condition to use for a park. This will reduce the amount of waste that our community produces. Also this would help encourage the community to recycle if they knew that what they were doing was actually being used.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
We will strongly promote using green bins and recycling. Also we will encourage business to use the minimum amount of packaging necessary for their products.
Protect the Trees
We will only allow a little amount of tree harvesting in this community. Also we will enforce a rule that you can only use the selective cutting method. I think that this is important because selective cutting doesn't hurt the environment as much as other methods.
Natural Resources Management
No Burning Fossil Fuels
We will not burn any fossil fuels because it is a non renewable resource and there are other ways of getting energy so it makes more sense to you those ways then burning up all our fossil fuels.
Keep the Water Clean
There will be no polluting in the river or ponds. Keeping our fresh water clean is very important. Any person who pollutes in our water will be fined.
Health Care
There will be a clinic located in the middle of the town in the main shopping area. The clinic will be located here because this is easily accessible for everyone and is a convenient place because it is located near businesses. The floor of this clinic will produce electricity by using the kinetic energy from us stepping on it.

There will also be a pharmacy located in the same plaza so that it is easy for people to pick up their prescriptions.
1 Elementary School &
1 Secondary School
Both these school will have solar panels on most of the roof, which will generate energy for lighting. Also they will both have geothermal systems to heat and cool the schools. We will encourage these schools to have an eco club that will create a garden in the front yard. This will help to make the kids feel like they are part of becoming green and will make people more aware of eco clubs.
Communication is a big part of peoples lives these days and people usually go through many phones. A way that we could help the environment is by asking people to give their phones back to the phone company once they have got another cell phone, so that we can reuse it. We will give people who return their phones $10. This will help the environment by reusing things that we already have. People don't often use old phones so this is a perfect way of reusing something. This will lower the amount of cell phone production which uses plenty of materials and causes some pollution.
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