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Seymour Jackson Elementary School

No description

Tom Brillhart

on 12 January 2014

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Transcript of Seymour Jackson Elementary School

Seymour Jackson Elementary School
Moving toward achieving our goals through student achievement

Jackson Elementary Mission Statement
We believe in providing a high-quality education so that all students reach their full potential.
We will create a school environment that supports honesty and teamwork among students, staff, family and community.
We will respect the diverse strengths and individual needs of each student.
We will instill responsibility and maintain high expectations so students embrace the value of life-long learning which is the KEY to OUR success!

Jackson Stats
Total Student population of 687- PK-5th
Went from a low “D” to a high “C” in just one year!!!
88% passing rate in Math
77% passing rate in ELA
36% ELL school wide
76% F/R population
6 sections of KDG, 5-1st grade, 4 else where
39 Highly Qualified teachers
Jackson Achievements
2011-13- ISTEP Math grew from 75.7 to 87.7!!

2011-13- ISTEP ELA grew from 67.1 to 77.6!!

Way to Go Wildcats!!!!!
Goals for future
-Increase number of students passing ISTEP ELA and Math
-Prepare for continued student population growth
-Train all staff members in best and most effective Pro Dev opportunities
-Continue to focus on students first!!
Welcome to Jackson Elementary
Grade Level Data Walls
Please take a peek at what we do, but be assured it's hard to fit all the great things on just one presentation!!!
We are extremely proud and excited to be Wildcats
School Theme
3-1 Technology
Pre-K through 5 Building
Local Recycle Champions!!
Highlighting Student Achievement
CIM Library!!!
School Wide Achievement
Small Group Instruction
Continual Progress Monitoring
Thanks for Visiting!!!!
Highlighting and supporting our Local Schools
School Norms
Consistent across the buldining
Spell Bowl !!!
College Go Week!!
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