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Trudie Lang OTN Talk

Trudie Lang Oxford Tropical Network Meeting September 2009

trudie lang

on 11 September 2009

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Transcript of Trudie Lang OTN Talk

The Global Health Network

Enabling research by sharing methods, knowledge and tools on an online science park

• In Europe and the US trial research groups are way ahead of those based in less well resourced regions in terms of professionalising clinical trials

• Areas of greatest disease burden have the greatest need for research as greatest potential to improve public health

• There is worldwide recognition that trial regulations and guidelines are now too cumbersome and are reducing the number of non-commerical trials. We need to engage in effort to address this so solutions are globally applicable & our agencies look to the US and Europe
Clinical Trials; the issues, differences and barriers?

• Lack of career awareness, the concept of 'being a trialist'

• Overly zealous interpretation of regulations and guidelines

• Why GCP is flawed

• True Capacity Building; product development vs. disease managament
Clinical Trials Across the Oxford Network

• 42 trials planning to enrole 37,275 across the OTN

• Importantly have both product development and disease management and range of sponsors, size, phase and design

• Well placed as a platform for a web-based support initiative and doing 'research on research' ...more later!
On line community....proffesional networking

• Research

• Resources

• Forums

• Continuing Professional Development

• e-learning
Introducing GlobalHealthTrials.org
Training / e-learning and professional development

- training material to use for trial setting up in-house courses
- accredited training and education on line for professional development
- a recognised and validated professional development scheme

The continuing professional development scheme will help you and your career

The discussions forums and ‘ask the expert’ to support your research and contribute to CPD

All material will be authored and reviewed...so we need both authors and reviewers. It may not be a journal, but you can still cite it and put it on your CV!

Post your resources – this gains CPD points and helps other sites

Be an expert

Contribute to discussion forum, network with colleagues all over the world

Help develop or post existing training material
Trudie Lang
.. examples
...training slides
...build profiles
...track professional development
...find experts
...identify colleagues
Guidance notes

...written by users
...peer reviewed
...wiki stlye, but validated
Content driven by research...
And we've got these guys to help us...
We are recording 15 e-seminars here this week
Our content needs to be evidence based

There is not enough ''research on research''

We need to better/sensible/appropriate ways to design and
operate trials - improve through research

We are well placed to build such questions into our trials.

Good opportunity as under research area.

Many of our protocols have a 'risk-led' approach already. Not true everywhere and we can provide evidence to support this.
... We have these people helping.....
for example, here is how trials in Africa differ from those in Europe (clinicaltrials.gov)
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