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Public Program Presentation

No description

Jingyu Shi

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Public Program Presentation

How an idea becomes
a program: In the Beginning There's an idea We research it thoroughly Identify experts Find dates Settle on a moderator Invite panelists Come up with a TITLE Get everybody on the SAME PAGE Marketing Create an event description Circulate to staff for approval. Update the website. Outreach Send out the first eblast Send everything to the designer.

Collaborate with her over drafts until we have something perfect. Follow up and track RSVPS And we have to REDOUBLE outreach efforts !!! Design program & produce in-house After The Program Day of the Event 3 hours before. Set up begins Touch base with VS The waiting game begins Panelists Arrive When we've reached capacity As soon as the program ends Strike everything and reset space to be fully functional for the next day. Event Production talk that person into doing it for free Get photos and bios from all the
participants. DRAMA Event Production Identify anyone and everyone that would be interested in the panel and send them a personal invitation to send out to their networks. Moderator & Panelists Collaborate with the moderator
to develop an outline. Conference call with moderator and panelists. Send out confirmation letter
and talking points. If RSVPS are under 40, you will see Nancy's face like this... Get A/V requirements and other needs from panelists. Negotiate
catering contract Hire
videographer Order signage Set-up memo Install signage. Prepare greenroom. Dinnertime! program
starts lots of talk program
ends we like it when we're over capacity :) ply panelists with food and drink until they agree to do another program for free. Finished by midnight.
So sleepy.
Live to program another day. Arrange seating. Female, Fashionable, NY Get names Update the documents Upload
event photos Check audience numbers
and sales Update
mailing list PAY EVERYONE Focus lights. Hire
Sound Person Wrangle their schedules and travel arrangements. The End GOOGLE READER

https://www.youtube.com/feed/?feature=guide BUILDING FOR THE FUTURE
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