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Beginning Classroom Management

No description

Fallon Farokhi

on 27 January 2017

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Transcript of Beginning Classroom Management

ELED 3005
Beginning Classroom Management

5 Sessions: Sept. 16, 23, 30, October. 7, 14
1. Theories of Classroom Management & "Getting to Know Your Students"
2. Morning Meetings & Simple Structures
3. Motivation & Rule-making
4. Conflicts & Communication
5. Using role-play & class meetings to solve whole-group problems
We will explore these topics in 3 ways:
Canvas discussion boards of assigned readings

Class discussion & activities

Practicum observation/reflection assignments
For example, how will you get to know your students?
What classroom environment do you want to have & how will you get there?
When students have conflicts with each other, how do you plan to address them?
Each session's topic should be included in your personal management stance paper due at the end of the term
Read/watch what's in the modules & write
2 posts
--one stating your
of the readings & one
to a group member's post. *There is a rubric on each discussion page.
Come to class ready to
3 topics
for you to look for while observing, take advantage of talking with your cooperating teacher
Face-to-Face Session 1

Job Interview Question

Class Overview

Getting to Know Your Students JIGSAW

Philosophy Matrix Introduction
Avoid traps
Classroom Environment
What about those bulletin boards?
Getting to know
your students...

Face to Face Session 2 Agenda:

Revisit the matrix

Job Interview Question

Engage in simple structures & morning meeting examples

Job Interview Question:
More Resources

• Constructivist Approach – Teacher is a facilitator of class democracy where students play a key role in the development and decision making process. (Shared Ownership)

• Social Reform Approach – Students provide the directional purpose of classroom culture in an effort to enable them to contribute to the community as a citizen. (Community of Learners)
• Essentialist Approach – Focus on particular set of actions that are approved by the system or the leader, in this case the teacher. (Teacher Controlled)

Module 3: Motivation
Internal forces
External forces
What motivates you the most?
If you know your students are both intrinsically and extrinsically motivated, how can you reach everyone?
Face-to-Face Session 3

Job Interview Question & matrix work

Avoid the Traps! Activity/discussion

Kahoots! game

Motivation Strategies on the matrix

Job interview:
How will you create classroom rules and procedures?
How would you handle the following scenarios in your classroom?
Conflict Brainstorming
A student-generated "problem" they are concerned about...

Final Exam window:
Feb. 29 - Mar. 3 by midnight

Personal Management Stance:
Mar. 3 by midnight

Session 4 Agenda
Extrinsic/Intrinsic Motivation Iceberg
Job Interview Question
Conflict Brainstorming
➢ Describe a problem that has come up between students in the classroom and how you handled it or how you plan to handle it when it comes up.
More examples & resources:
When should teachers use them?
What is the difference between active & passive listening?
Why Role Play?

“There is not one right way to include everyone, not one right way to build on each other’s ideas, not one right way to express hurt feelings.”

Classroom managment
Personal Management Philosophy: Describe your understanding of your belief and illustrate what it looks like in the classroom and in instructional scenarios.”
Basic Learner Needs: How does your philosophy impact the fulfillment of basic needs of the students?
Course Modules: How will your personal stance on management impact the
implementation of topics from the course modules?
Connected to Literature
”Show the connection to research philosophy.”
Professional Writing ”Demonstrate your ability to write as a professional.”
2-4 pages, not including works cited
APA style
12-pt. font, New Times Roman
Due Mar. 3 by midnight
Session 5 Agenda
Are you listening? Passive vs. Active

Job Interview Question

Role Play & Class Meetings -- practice & continuum

Self-reflection & final questions

Job Interview Question
Describe your approach to classroom management.
Do you agree with Pavlov and the behaviorists or do you believe in school systems and classroom management should develop in constructivist ways.

Upcoming Dates:

Mar. 3: Management Stance

whisper technique
Positive teacher:student interaction
criticism trap
common sense trap
questioning trap
sarcasm trap
despair & pleading trap
threat trap
physical & verbal force trap
respond non-coercively
teach expectations
1. Specifically state the unacceptable behavior
2. State your feeling
3. Explain why it makes you feel this way &
to allow the student to come up with a way to change their behavior

Teacher-Student Conflict: I-Message
Social Reform Classroom
Job Interview Question:

What is your personal management philosophy?
Getting to Know Your Students

3 Groups
3 Approaches
3 Reflections
How can we classify our approaches to classroom management?
Meet the philosophy matrix...
Due by midnight Sept. 22:
Read/watch material in Module 2
Post 2 times on to the discussion board
Submit Observation A
What do you need in order to set-up your classroom? What is on your to-do list?
This is Erin, she teaches 6th grade at a public elementary school in the midwest.
She has 32 students in her classroom this year.
Let's see how she prepares her classroom for the start of the school year.
Group of 6-7
Use markers & chart paper
Morning Meeting/Simple Structures

Younger grades (PreK-3)

Older grades (4-8) & Distance Students Stay with Fallon
Pair (upper/lower)
Avoid the Traps!
Kahoots game
By midnight on Thursday, Feb. 11
Observation B
Module 3 readings & 2
discussion posts
By Thursday, Feb. 18 @ midnight:
Observation C
Module 4 Discussion (2 posts)
Write on the Google doc shared on Canvas, the types of conflict you have seen or been a part of in the classroom
By midnight on Thursday, Feb. 25
Reading & discussion posts for Module 5
The first
sub note of the year...

Group consensus
Final Exam open: Feb. 29 - Mar. 3
IDEA Objective:
Learn fundamental principles, generalizations, or theories.
IDEA Objective: Gain factual knowledge (terminology, classifications, methods, trends)
IDEA Objective: Develop a clearer understanding of, and commitment to, personal values.
IDEA Objective: Learning to APPLY course material (to improve thinking, problem solving, and decisions)

IDEA Objective: Developing specific skills, competencies, and points of view needed by professionals in the field most closely related to this course
Go with Laura
3 groups:
Essentialists-Distance Sites
Constructivists-Right-hand side
Social Reform--Left-hand side
Job interview question:
Yesterday ____ came home all flustered because another boy was chasing him after school and kissed him. (Kids will be kids I know) but none the less it made him uncomfortable enough to talk about it with his dad and I.

He said "this kid bothers everyone tho, not just me".

I explained that this type of behavior is usually a way that some kids try to get attention-there is no harm done. We must tolerate each other in all our differences. Then ____ turned to his dad and asked- " dad, will you teach me to fight?"
I let him and his dad finish the conversation at that point.

Later _____ said to me that he would like to make an appointment with you to see what you would do in a situation like this. He felt that in order for _______ to ask his father for a fighting lesson, that means he feels a lack of control, and that's a pretty distracting feeling from his studies.

I guess this kid (______) follows _______ and sits next to him in class even after ________ asks him to please tend to his own business.

It's tough to deal with things like this because we understand as a parent when a child tends to be a little more aggressive in someone else's space - our girls are totally like that.
So- we would like to make an apt. with you and discuss not only this situation but _____ in general.
I know you are super busy, but if you could take a half hour soon to talk with us, we would be so greatful! ______ can meet around 2:30 most days.
Double Thanks,

What's the difference between a morning meeting & a class meeting?
Group Practice:
In your group, choose
a grade level
a common whole-class problem
a teacher to lead the class meeting your group's assigned style
Social Reform
Discussion comments:
allotting class time to class meetings?
teacher as director
students not role playing the non-example
Discussion Comment:

The one by Max Longhurst in particular resonated with me when he said that future teachers don't really know what kind of management stance they prefer until they work in the classroom. In class, it is seemingly easy to choose which stance I think I should use, but I might choose to do something entirely different when I have my own classroom.
Additional resource about "Culturally Responsive Teaching"
What tends to happen...what to do instead.

How teachers use wait time, give clear instructions, develop rules, procedures, and routines.
This was answered by all in this week's discussions, so let's head to the MATRIX!
Mix-it-Up Activity
Open the Canvas Page
Go to Module 3
Module 3 - Article Discussion
1. Choose one of the following links and quickly read through the article.

http://www.middleweb.com/19037/10-ways-sabotage-classroom-management/ (Links to an external site.)

http://www.smartclassroommanagement.com/2015/09/12/why-giving-a-look-is-a-poor-classroom-management-strategy/ (Links to an external site.)

2. Click on the link below and share 1-2 key ideas you learned from your reading. (Double click the blank screen to add a comment, put your name in red and comment in gray below.

http://padlet.com/laura_reina/s52cbv5kf7sb (Links to an external site.)
These problems DO NOT refer to curriculum-related problems:

not math problems
not english problems
not science problems
not social studies problems
These are problems that students encounter throughout the course of their day. NOT provided by the teacher.
Hi this is_______'s mom . As you are aware she has missed a lot of school this past 2 weeks. We have been going through this the past 3 years. She gets severe headaches, nausea and neck pain. We have tried medications ect, ect.. This year we chose to go to MMA hoping that she would be able to overcome these symptoms. This morning she was up and going and started vomiting. UUGGGGHHHH! As a mother I am very frustrated and not knowing what I can do to help her.

I would like to know what you would suggest to do help her get caught up. I am not sure if you are willing but I am hoping that you can help.

I am not certain if you see that she is having problems at school. She says that she has not made any friends this year. Kids seem to ignore her according to her. Is there anything that you have noticed?

Anything that you can do to help would be really appreciated. I am still hoping every day that I can get her to school.
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