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Copy of Copy of Video games and violent behavior

How, what, and who is affected influenced by violent video games to vilent behavior.

clarisse wachowiak

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Video games and violent behavior

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. "2009 ESSENTIAL FACTS About the Canadian Computer and Video Game Industry." . N.p., n.d. Web. 3 Jan 2012. <http://www.theesa.ca/documents/EssentialFacts2009EN.pdf>. Do violent video games cause violence in people? I think violent video games cause violence in not only kids but adults too. Most kids start playing violent video games at the age 7 or 8 yrs old. That's a very young age to be playing video games that is meant for teens and adults, but its not the kids fault nor the people that made the game, its the parents fault for buying the game that's meant for teens and adults. Some games are very bad like Grand Theft Auto, there are some little kids that play that game which is very bad. These types of games make children think killing a man or running over a person is a good thing since you get points. Children are to little to know that this is wrong, which makes it the parents fault for buying that game. Case 1: 15 year old,Nehemiah Griego, accused of killing killing his family 'involved heavily' with violent video game ""Modern Warfare",the victims identified as his father Greg Griego , 51, his mother Sarah Griego, 40, and three of his siblings: a 9-year-old boy, Zephania Griego, and daughters Jael Griego, 5, and Angelina Griego, 2, all had gun shot wounds. Case 2: Daniel Petric,17, shot his parents -- killing his mother -- because they wouldn't allow him to play the violent video game Halo 3. On Monday his son came up behind him as he sat on the couch and said, "Would you guys close your eyes? I have a surprise for you." Petric, 45, said he "expected a pleasant surprise" and closed his eyes. Then his head went numb. As the blood poured from a bullet wound in his head, he realized his wife, Susan Petric, 43, was lying dead on a nearby loveseat, shot in the head, arms and chest.
The boy ran out of the house and fled in the family van. He was caught by Wellington police a short time later, the Halo 3 game still on the front seat. By seeing those two cases you realize they were two teens,both not kids anymore one 15 the other 17, and that games do cause violence, its not just the games fault its the kids and parents, parents don't think the kids will actually do things the game does but the kid becomes addicted to the game and when a new one comes out they want it and if you don't get it they get mad and throw a fit and like in those two cases make the biggest mistake in their life and kill their parents. There has been some cases where the kids get mad because their parents don't let them play the game, and of course the kid gets upset, but never would i think the kids would kill their parents and siblings like these two teens Nehemiah and Daniel. Alot of parents blame the game makers but its actually the parents fault. The game makers make the games for adults it even says M for mature 17+ on the cover of the game. like this video game (I do not own rights to this video) From that trailer of the video game you can see that at the beginning it says M for mature 17+ etc. So what don't the parents understand it says it all there. So the parents cant blame the game makers for the violence in their children. So I think violent video games does cause violence in people but only if you let it, I know friends that play violent video games all day long yet they are not violent and i play violent video games and i'm not a violent person, but it just depends on the person playing.
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