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Mission to NASA Success

No description

Jennifer Scott Williams

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of Mission to NASA Success

How it all started....
The Early Years
The Turning Point...
When I really decided to become an Engineer
That College Life...
Fun, Games, and Education
All about that SPACE...space travel
Rocking it out in Mission Control
Mission to NASA Success
Born in Oklahoma City, OK
Military Baby
Moved around fairly often
Attended preschool through first grade in Washington, DC
Main passion: ballet

The beginning…


Moved to Dayton, OH
Started 2nd grade at Brantwood Elementary
Pretty good student; excelled in English
Learned to play the Flute in 5th Grade

It's all Elementary.....
Got involved in athletics (but I wasn’t the best basketball player!)

Middle School

Moved to Panama City, FL in 1992

Attended Bay High School -- Go Tornadoes!

Gave up the flute, but volleyball rocked

Got more serious about what I wanted to do post
high school

High School

Attended the Minority Introduction to Engineering (MITE) program at Auburn University

Exposed to various fields/majors within Engineering

Decided to do Textile or Electrical

Engineering is COOL!!
Various research projects throughout undergrad
Robotics, Microelectronics, Fuzzy Logic


Interned at Eastman Kodak Company in Rochester, NY and
Lucent Technologies in Whippany, NJ

Used EE in two different applications: digital photography and wireless communications

Lived alone for the first time!

Attended Spelman College and Georgia Tech in Atlanta, GA
Dual Degrees in Math and EE
Attended University of Houston
Master of EE
Active in NSBE

…in Mission Control!

HIRED! Now off to work…

And outside MCC…

Education Outreach

Flying High

Why I work…safely
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