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Trillium, apple blossoms, Queen Anne's lace

No description

Megan Van Prooyen

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of Trillium, apple blossoms, Queen Anne's lace

Summary Cont.
9. One part of the country breaks promises, and the other part speaks the truth.
10. Our country shows both of these sides.
11. Our country's history has a dark past and branches into a "grand dream".
12. For centuries there was discrimination, but places up north there was integration.
13. This world shows beauty on the outside, but underneath the truth shows uglyness of mankind.
14. The flower of the mandrake comes out on top like how white people have dominance over the black people.
Trillium, apple blossoms,
Queen Anne's lace

1. The author wants to choose the appropriate flowers for Emmett's wreath. She talks about the Trillium flower which has a meaning of being modest and ambitious. The apple blossom represents love, and Queen Anne's lace which stands for sanctuary and safety.
2. The author states that she will add in oak twigs to Emmett Till's wreath to show sincerity.
3. Marilyn Nelson talks about all the trees that innocent men have been hung on.
4. The author states that the weight of the colored dead men hung on the tree was weighing down the trees.
5. The murderers were said to be innocent for crime in every trial.
6. Nelson was clarifying that each night, multiple colored men were murdered.
7. They say that everyone is equal in America, but the men who were killed because of their race do not stand with the same rights.
8. The country that we live in shows a face to everybody that is perfect and loving, but our country also has a hidden face that cannot be seen, it is evil and destructive.
Main Ideas
Art Relationship
Conclusions Cont.
Main Ideas Cont.
Volta: Line 8
"This country we love has a Janus face..."

Before the Volta:
Many black people were killed for their race and no one was getting charged for it. We learned that black people had to lower their heads when whites would pass by. Therefore, making this country not as free as people hoped.

After the Volta:
On the outside our country shows greatness, but on the inside our country has many problems and is destroyed from all the hatred between races.
The main idea of this poem is that our country goes about itself to hide the truth of how the whites treat the blacks, and that our country hides these things and only shows the achievements and hides the failures.
Many of the blacks died in this time period and most of them were innocent. The white community had such an advantage over the black community, so the jury always found the white murderers innocent and the whites would never get convicted.
The top picture portrays a very well-rounded country and a country that is very great. But, the bottom picture portrays a country that is in an awful state and a country that is not at all great. Basically, Nelson was saying in her sonnet that the top picture is what our country tries to show others, but the bottom picture is what our country actually is like.
Megan Van Prooyen & Lauren Jostes
Synthesis Cont.
The overall message or life lesson of this sonnet is that sometimes people, or a country in this case, hide their failures and only show their achievements. Also, they may hide their destruction and sadness, and only show their fake happiness.
Synthesis Cont.

We chose that for our theme because in the sonnet it talks about the different ways this country shows the truth and how it covers the lies. The sonnet also talks about how innocent people are being killed and no one is accused for the obvious murder.
Janus Face: having two sharply
contrasting aspects or characteristics.

Slain: to slay, and kill in a voilent way.

Mandrake: a Mediterranean plant of the nightshade family, with white or purple flowers and large yellow berries. It has a forked fleshy root that supposedly resembles the human form and was formerly widely used in medicine and magic, allegedly shrieking when pulled from the ground.

Allusion: "Speaks with forked tongue"
In this sonnet, I learned a great life lesson that people portray happiness to the public, but inside they may be hiding a destructive sadness.
What I took away from this sonnet is that this country is full of hatred and no matter what the rights say nobody will ever be treated equally.
What I learned about sonnets and poems is that the words on a page have much deeper meanings then what they seem.
This allusion alludes to a Native American expression about the whites who made agreements with tribes, then broke them.
Allusion: Janus face
This allusion alludes to a Roman god who was depicted with two faces looking in opposite directions, both forward and backward.
Connections to other works of Literature:

The beginning part our sonnet can connect to Haper Lee's
To Kill a Mockingbird
because Tom Robison was guilty for the crime Bob Ewell committed. Later in the story, Tom Robinson was shot more than once. The guards could have shot him once and he would be dead, but since he was a man of color they though it was acceptable for them to "have fun" with it. This relates to our sonnet because within the first 7 lines it explains that many innocent people are being "slain for their race".
Our sonnet can relate to a current event that was been going on for most of our existance. This current event is that our country, just as how Nelson described it in the sonnet, is showing accomplishment to us citizens, but our country seems to be trying to hide the fact that Obama did in fact approve Congess to authorize war against ISIS. Our country is attempting to keep this fact on the down low to keep people from worrying, but it is being covered on many news channels.
Lines from the sonnet
1. Trillium, apple blossoms, Queen Anne's lace
2. woven with oak, for sincerity...
3. Thousands of oak trees around this country
4. groaned with the weight of the dead men slain for their race
5. their murderers accquited in almost every case.
6. One night five black men died on the same tree,
7. with toeless feet, in this Land of the Free.
8. This country has a Janus face:
9. One mouth speaks with forked
tongue, the other reads
10. the Constitution. My country,
'tis of both
11. thy nightmare history and thy
grand dream,
12. thy centuries of good and evil
13. I sing. Thy fruited plain, thy
14. of mandrake, which flowers
white as moonbeams.
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