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Building Culture

Creativity and Innovation 2015

Leticia Britos Cavagnaro

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of Building Culture

Shared Norms
Physical Space
Bring your
whole self

Give yourself

others look good

body language
of an organization)
What is the space telling you to do?
not so straightforward
talking equals contributing for some
talking is the way some people think
talkers feel responsible for kickstarting the discussion
people might not perceive their true value
ability to step back and synthesize
most proud of being listeners
higher % of Americans" --> role of
critical of those who talk w/o adding value --> does that mean they don't talk because they are afraid of being criticized?
uncomfortable with silence
Some people are afraid of making mistakes and other's judgement
"why so serious?"
eye contact, physical touch and movement are powerful and incredibly intimate
"everyone feels awkward!... I'm not alone!"
"Put in the right situation, people can be encouraged to step outside of their comfort zones and build relationships rather quickly"
"If I seize that opportunity right away, it becomes much easier to keep it going throughout the session"
shared experiences
understanding individual styles of everyone in the team ("knowing their rhythms") and combining them in a harmonious way
Leading and Following
finding ways for everyone to contribute: combined creativity of the whole group would be larger than that of one person
"Just DO IT"
not having a designated leader does not prevent the team to go forward. On the contrary, it enhances creativity
"It seems much harder to change a culture than to set one. Maybe it requires an entirely different approach."
that is not exploited
created by
did you choose?
How do others perceive you?
1. Tour the d.school space.
In which ways is it different than the spaces where you normally work or learn? In which ways is it similar? What messages are 'encoded' in the space?
2. Check out the book "Make Space"
, which shares stories, design principles and practical tips on how physical space defines behavior and culture
3. As you go about your routine, pay attention to how different spaces make you feel, behave and interact with others.
Hear from researcher Brené Brown about how
relates to leadership and to innovation
Check out this video:
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