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MLA/Brick N Click presentation

Marty Miller

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of (P)interesting

Marty Miller
Reference Librarian
marty.miller@mcckc.edu Making your library
(Pin)teresting! ...And why is it so popular? What is Pinterest? ...and MCC-Longview Library in Particular? What can Pinterest do for Libraries ...Yes, there are more! Other advantages An online pin board for websites
Great for organizing online link in a visual way
Different way to 'map' a project (alternative to Bubblus or Mindomo
Great visual way to share Internet information
It's another opportunity to socialize online. Advertise your weblinks/services
Generate student interest
Promote library/local programs
Allows you to use your facebook page wall/twitter feed to highlight new pins No long text filled lists - Alternative to the long list of weblinks
It's pretty! Provides attractive visual link to online information
Flexible - you can create new boards even while you're pinning new sites
Accessible - even people who aren't your direct followers can find and use your pins.
Wheeeeee factor! Yeah, it's just plain fun for all concerned. So how does it work? Create an account with Facebook or Twitter login
Download the Pin It button
Create some boards
Start Pinning - it's really just that simple! Can't reorder the pins
Have to maintain the boards
Some sites have no pinnable images
Copyright, is it an issue? Disadvantages There are a few... Some Best practices A few don'ts and a lot of dos! Don't be too much of a salesperson - don't overpromote your own library/institution
Don't be afraid to be random (within reason) - students like trivia too
Do try to take your curriculum/semester calendar into consideration
Do highlight special events
Do keep the number of pins to a manageable minimum
Do 'clean your boards' regularly
Do pin, comment and like other libraries' pins
Have fun, have fun, have fun!

Best Practices: http://higheredlive.com/best-practices-for-pinterest-in-higher-education/
Higher Ed Best Practices: http://www.komplekscreative.com/pinterest-businesses-higher-education/
High Ed Directory: http://emgonline.com/blog/2012/03/higher-ed-pinterest-examples-and-directory/
Copyright: http://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/pinterest-and-link-with-love/40000
Other Organizations: http://www.hannonhill.com/news/blog/2012/what-is-pinterest-and-why-should-higher-ed-use-it.html

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