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Piano Guys

No description

gigi ho

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Piano Guys

Came from a German family pioneer in “cello-percussion” began studying cello at age 5, percussion at age 10 and guitar at age 14 trademark style: parody, comedy, and musical “shtick” in every performance. Characteristics of music They also cooperate with different parties, like orchestra. different ways of performance! Mainly using the piano and cello American pianist Al Van Der Beek -
Music and Studio Guy . Paul Anderson was selling pianos when John Schmidt came asked to use a piano to practice before a concert. Paul was blown away by John’s talent prove that music is a universal language that brings everyone together as the five members all come from different walks of life  Afterwards, Jon and the other member of the Piano Guys, including Tel Stewart, Al Van Der Beek and Paul began to create music videos together In the beginning, their videos were very basic. Later, their music creations became more creative and involved more productions. introduction of Steven Sharp Nelson, a remarkably talented cellist to the other John and Steve had actually been performing together for several years create music videos that inspire people Spread love and music Encourage donations Pop Music Vs Classical Music
What makes you beautiful
Just the way you are
Rolling in the deep
Moonlight Jon Schmidt 46 years old Had piano concert at 8
Began songwriting at 11 ‘New Age Classical’ style(with pop elements of hook and melody) Good at the treatment of harmony, and rhythm Steven Sharp Nelson 35 years old American recorded on over 100 different albums ranging from folk & bluegrass to hip hop first album, Sacred Cello Paul Anderson-Producer/Videographer
Owner of the piano shop a band that started out as a piano store in the small town of St. George, Utah Local --> global putting a new spin on classic music and a classic spin of new stuff Tel Stewart-Videographer/Editor All five members combine to be a great team. Vision Background Piano Guys Or with other
singers. Fusion of Music:
Classical Music
Modern pieces Famous
pieces Famous pieces like
and “The Cello Song”
make The Piano Guys
won a Youtube contest
for rising Youtube stars. “We love showcasing the beauty of the earth
where people don’t expect to find classical instruments.”
that’s shaped the style of The Piano Guy. 'Mozart’ original hip hop/classical mash-up
posted to YouTube on May 17, 2011 Beethoven's 5 Secrets Used ideas from
Mozart and Michael Jackson
to create this original tune! using only
the instrument
piano, cello,
mouth percussion
and kick drum with more than 100 recorded tracks combined both
classical music
and pop song It combined
One Republic’s tune “secret”
the four movement of
the Beethoven ‘s 5 Symphony used five different melodies
from the four movement of
the Beethoven ‘s 5 Symphony. People
The Piano Guy's work

At the same time
very fresh exciting pleasant and relaxing. Hope you
enjoy it!
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