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Sian's Graduation Presentation

No description

Dane Ramshaw

on 14 July 2010

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Transcript of Sian's Graduation Presentation

Double click anywhere & add an idea Literature Review Analysis So What? Journey Innovation Fellows Partner School Siân Morgan
Barry Comprehensive School International Assignment
"...a good school with many
outstanding features..." "Most Improved School in Wales" "The proportion of students known to be eligible
for free school meals is above average" "...a good school with a significant
number of outstanding features..." “Consultation is defined as ‘the act of taking counsel together; deliberation or conference’... Pupil consultation therefore, rests on the principle that pupils can bring something worthwhile to discussions about schooling... the term ‘pupil participation’ suggests inclusion, or membership of, a community in which pupils are valued and respected contributors.” (Ruddock & Flutter 2004) “Is pupil voice a nice idea or does it genuinely and demonstrably
have an impact on achievement and capacity?”
(Macbeath, Myers and Demetriou) “Being consulted can help pupils feel that they are respected as individuals and as a body within the school... But consultation has to be genuine and pupils need to be sure that teachers are really interested in what they have to say, that their views will be given careful consideration, and that they will also receive feedback on what they have said and some explanation of any decisions taken as a result of the consultation.” (http://www.consultingpupils.co.uk) Rung 8: young people and adults share decision making Rung 7: young people lead and initiate action Rung 6: adult initiated, shared decisions with young people Rung 5: young people consulted and informed Rung 4: young people assigned and informed Rung 3: young people tokenised Rung 2: young people are decoration Rung 1: young people are manipulated “The most common forum... is the School, or Pupil Council. Pupils often view this, however, as a token gesture (Macbeath and Mortimore, 2001) and staff are often happy to let the Council deal with matters that do not intrude into the school’s core business of learning and teaching,” (Macbeath, Myers & Demetriou 2001) “teaching and learning remain largely forbidden areas of enquiry and if either are allowed into the circle of discussion, the questions and concerns that are raised are invariably identified and framed by teachers for teachers” (Fielding 2001) “there has been a profound change in the way that staff engage with students at this school” (Raymond L. 2001) “hear what students say” “cross the bridge to listening actively to what they mean” (Fielding 2001) “The school council are constantly a big flop as teachers just have too much going on to properly work with them, plus it’s been shoved between many teachers over the years. The year councils aren't much better but they do get some things done... unfortunately this can depend on your head of year!” “We get no choice of what happens in school like new school uniform and the new school name and we don’t get any choice and to be quite honest the head teacher talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk,” The school makes me feel that
my opinions are important Barry Comprehensive School: St James School: “In a large proportion of students,
there is to some extent a feeling of apathy,
which must be aggressively countered” “The fact that the teachers know where they need to improve has worked well, and the bond between teachers and students is better. Lessons are a lot better now everyone is aware of what the strengths and weaknesses are of the teaching/learning” “The SALT idea is brilliant and should lead to more productive lessons for the pupils and greater chance of improving learning and teaching at BCS. Pupils seemed to seize the opportunity for making positive and constructive comments about what they see happening.” Barry Comprehensive School “If pupils are involved in all processes of their education, then surely we will have a more engaged cohort of pupils. If we allow them to develop their learning styles, then it should reinforce learning. Essentially, we do this job to benefit pupils, their learning is what is of paramount importance; it's what the job of a teacher is all about” “Pupils’ perceptions of new staff are valuable and are often honest and mature (more so than they are sometimes given credit for)" “student consultation in most schools is flawed as it serves those who are most successful in the current system so less likely to want to see radical change” “Is the 'voice' of the pupil this week’s good idea? I am concerned that Education goes through so many of these initiatives that none end up properly implemented and as a consequence is devalued” “Those pupils that are involved really take the idea forward. But I think some students see it as a barrier - they are not involved in school council so they see themselves as having no opportunity... Make it more inclusive somehow”. “For many teachers, student voice is seen as either peripheral, irrelevant or corrosive of the already diminishing legitimacy of teacher professionalism. As we have already noted, for many students, too, student voice is, at best, something a small number of other students, often not like them, do with a small number of teachers, often not like other teachers, to no good effect” (Fielding 2001) “the student voice is tokenistic and largely concerned with ephemeral matters such as charity fund raising” “Pupils are why the school exists. Empowering them as much as we can to be the responsible citizens of the future is what we should be doing and effective student voice can only strengthen that process. It will be uncomfortable for some, but I feel that that is worth it if we are to engage as closely with the students as we should” Where Next?
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