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Judo Kim

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of group2

Make a vehicle.

Use recycled material.

Use 2 rubber bands for power.

Do so without using glue and tape.

Reach over 8 meters.
Newton's Second Law of Motion
The vector sum of the forces F on an

object is equal to the mass m of that

object multiplied by the acceleration

vector a of the object.

The Force of Friction
Friction is the force resisting the

relative motion of solid surfaces, fluid

layers, and material elements sliding

against each other.
Newton's Second Law of Motion

The Force of Friction

The Force of Elasticity

Kim Judo, Im Nam Ju, Jeon Jun Hyeok, Kim Yeon Ho
Group 2
The Force of Elasticity
In physics, elasticity is the tendency

of solid materials to return to their

original shape after being deformed. If

the material is elastic, the object will

return to its initial shape and size when

these forces are removed.

Thoughts Behind the Project
Make it Sturdy

Make it Simple

Make it Work!
Wheels - CDs
Frame - Plastic Straw


Wooden Frame

Wooden Frame + Plastic Straw Body

Plastic Bottle Body

Our Failures
Testing Process


Construction Ideas

Testing Process (Successes & Failures)

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