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Drought Defender

IBP Team 4 of Oregon State University College of Business thesis presentation of their business plan for TryEco's product Drought Defender

Edward Brown

on 24 June 2013

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Transcript of Drought Defender


TryEco is based in Lebanon, OR. The management team was very accessible. Founders have experience in developing SAPs & their manufacturing facilities, and new product development at HP.

Management Team

Drought Defender should be commercialized as start-up company.

Lack of similar products in agriculture presents a considerable opportunity for TryEco.

Licensing a feasible fallback option, but if pursued immediately it may inhibit growth.

Technology Determination

Product Test Period Testing and Marketing
Product registration by state and EPA
Establish Distribution Channels &Manufacturing
IP development & Patents Pending

Current Development

Financial Projection

Drought Defender

Nick Fowler (CEO)
25 years at HP leading technology development
Serial entrepreneur and angel investor
CEO of NWMI and Cyber Solutions

Bill Chambers (President, Chief Product Officer)
Drought Defender Patent holder
Entrepreneur with a background in chemical engineering and farming

Rodney Forni (VP, Chief Operating Officer)
Experienced in Super Absorbent Polymers, having previously been in charge of constructing the manufacturing facility and equipment acquisition for an industry-leading SAP company

Management Team

Testing with Land Grant Universities
Oregon State University – Proximity to inventor
Kansas State & Iowa State – Possible test sites
- Located in target market area
Budgeted $300,000 for field testing
Extension offices
Important in Farm Culture
Harbors consumer confidence and adoption
Product Calibration

Product Testing

Economic of the Business

Breakeven Analysis

Financial Projection

Gross and Operation Margin Comparison
Economic of the Business
Example of various granule sizes

Drought Defender
Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP)
Absorbs 300-500x weight

What makes it special?

The Product

Potential financial benefit for farmers – considering a 20% yield improvement is anywhere from $30-$150/acre.

Financial Benefit to Customer

The Opportunity

Patent - Pending
Filed in December 2010
Product Composition
Product Manufacturing Process

Intellectual Property Position

Benefits as a Soil Amendment
Increased Yields (10-30%)
Reduced costs from fertilizer and irrigation
Focusing on Major US crops accounting for
over 200 million acres


Established SAP Markets
Cosmetic products

Other markets
Fire fighting
Meat packaging
Industrial waste consolidation

Potential Markets

Edward Brown

Eric Revell

Ray McGuinness

Kelong Yan

Di Tian

Technology Identity & Financial Projection
Potential Technology Markets
Target Market Assessment
Technology Readiness
Technology Determination & the Team


Ray McGuinness Di Tian Edward Brown Kelong Yan Eric Revell
Team 4
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