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Overpopulation in China

No description

kelsey kalal

on 2 December 2010

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Transcript of Overpopulation in China

China's popualtion has been greatly increasing over the past 10 years. Problem: Overpopulation Issues:
Many girls go 'missing' in China This happens because the Chinese favor boys over girls because of their ability to do manual labor more easily. Many are drowned in near by lakes. Some parents have their girls arranged to be 'taken'. Issues:
Over time the world will experience a food shortage due to China. Issues: Cities are so densely populated that there are 126 people living in 1 square kilometer The 2010 growth rate of China is estimated at .494% Issues: Poverty is a major problem due to overpopulation. Thesis This is 3 times the world average of 43 people per square kilometer. The government is not doing anything to solve the problem of overpopulation except allowing only 1 child per family. Population is the the strongest factor affecting a countrys economy. With so many people China faces its greatest challenges...reducing unemployment, poverty, and overcrowding We have come up with a few solutions to this problem...
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