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Islam SOR HSC 2011

An inclass presentation summarising Islam

Emma Yardy

on 12 May 2011

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Transcript of Islam SOR HSC 2011

ISLAM born 570ad Parents died at an early age, raised by unce Allah spoke through the Angel Gabriel and told him there was only 1 God - Allah began first islamic state in Medina and then came to Mecca Principal Beliefs Sacred texts and writings The Qu'ran + Hadith muhammad Beliefs that Allah is one
Angels are messengers of Allah
Believe in OT and NT but are corrupted
Qu'ran only reliable text
Muhammed is the last and ebst prophet of Allah
The afterlife, if good enough, go to paradise where men get virgins to sleep with, if not fo to hell to pay off their evil deeds
Fate - everything that happens is Allah's will core ethical teachings Expression of Faith The five pillars!

The declaration of faith stating there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is prophet

Praying five times a day, in direction of Mecca, and on Fridays you come together to pray in a Mosque

Giving money to the poor - 2.5% of total wealth

Fasting for one month a year during daylight hours - Ramadan

Pilgrimage to Mecca Islam jurisprudence = the law that comes from the scriptures of Islam = Submission
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