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kitchen safety chapter 20 Food for today

No description

allison armand

on 19 August 2018

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Transcript of kitchen safety chapter 20 Food for today

Discuss in your group any kitchen accidents that have occured in your home
Preventing Kitchen Accidents

Bell ringer
Kitchen Safety Basics
Pay attention
Dress for safety
use the right tool for the job
use equipment correctly
keep drawers and doors closed
store large pots and equipment on low shelves
put things back after you use them
Preventing falls
remove things that could cause trips and falls
dont wear loose fitting clothes or shoes
wipe up spills right away
use sturdy step stool too reach high places
Preventing Fires and Burns
keep kitchen clean
Handling Sharp Edges
store knives so you can pick them up by the handle not the blade
use the right knife for the job
always use a cutting board
do not submerge in dishwater
use a sharp knife
Preventing Fires and Burns
use cookware that is in good condition
Cooktop Safety
handle cookware with oven mitts
turn handles toward the inside
keep flammable objects away form heat source
Oven safety
arrange racks before you turn on oven
stand to side when opening
use oven mitt to remove hot pans
keep oven clean
If a fire starts
Handling Electricity and Chemicals
Cord Safety
Appliance Safety
Household Chemical Safety
Handling Emergencies
5. You should not leave food out at room temperature for longer than how many hours?
a. 1 c. 3
b. 2 d. 4

6. Using the same colander to rinse raw seafood then drain cooked pasta is an example of:
a. cross contamination c. food safety
b. intelligence d. proper food handling

7. Raw ground beef should be thoroughly cooked to avoid contamination by what bacteria?
a. E Coli c. salmonella
b. Botulism d. staph
check for damage
keep cords away from hot surfaces
do not staple or nail in place
limit the amount of cords in each outlet
read the manual before using any new appliance
dont put your fingers or anything else in an appliance that is plugged in
dont use with wet hands or near water
read label carefully
keep in orginal container
never mix chemicals
point nozzle away from you
Heimlich maneuver
Write 3 statements about kitchen safety. They may be true or false.
Ask the member of your group.

never use flour or water
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