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Jaden Akers

on 22 February 2015

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Average Salary
The average salary for a physical therapist is $81,030 - $113,340
Educational Requirements
To prepare for admission into a graduate degree program, aspiring physical therapists must typically complete a bachelor's degree program. No specific degree majors are required at the undergraduate level. Doctoral programs often require a minimum undergraduate GPA for entrance, such as at least a 3.0.
Job Tasks
Physical therapists, sometimes called PT's, help injured or ill people improve their movement and manage their pain.
Where People Work
Although a large number of Physical Therapists work in hospitals, now more than 70 per cent can be found in private physical therapy offices, rehabilitation centers, community health centers, nursing homes, home health agencies, corporate or industrial health centers, sports facilities, research institutions,
Similar Careers
Athletic trainers, biological technicians, nursing instructors, respiratory therapists, pharmacists
Growth Rate
The growth rate for having this as your profession is expected to increase by 36%.
Physical Therapist
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