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Eliza way

No description

maryann carroll

on 9 June 2016

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Transcript of Eliza way

chemicals in cigarettes
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
There's about 600 ingredients and when burned it creates more than 7000 chemicals. 69 out of all the chemicals usually cause cancer and close to all of them are poisonous.
E cigarettes and e pens, e honlxan, and e cigars can collectively as eletronio nicotine delivery systems (EDS). The FDA says e-cigarettes are devices that allow users to inhale an aerosol (vapor) containing nicotine or other substances unlike cigarettes e-cigarettes generally are battery-operated and use heating element e-liquid from a refillable cartridge releasing a chemical-filled aerosol
The End
E cigarettes
In the U.S. more than 480,000 people die because of tobacco and exposure to second hand smoking, that leads to the cause of preventable deaths. Tobacco products causes or worsens disease and conditions.
The World heath organization has guested that if people keep smoking there could be a billion deaths in the 21st century. Tobacco is addictive because it contains a powerful drug called nicotine. They are designed to give you a fast bit of nicotine, and under 20 seconds the drug hits your brain by just inhaling a cigarettes.
Tobacco use
By Eliza Way
Cigarette smoke and cancer
Chemicals in cigarettes smoke enters your blood stream that can affect the hole body, and that's why smoking cause cancers and diseases.
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