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Copyrights, Fair Use and Legal Music

No description

Kaitlin Vargo

on 18 January 2018

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Transcript of Copyrights, Fair Use and Legal Music

Copyrights & Fair Use
Music 9

Originally started in the U.K.
App for both Mac/PC, iPhone/Android
Allows you to listen to your own music library
Allows you to listen to millions of songs that Spotify streams live.
No limit to the number of song you can listen to.
Use advertisements.
Has a premium option for $10 a month.
BitTorrent Systems
Downloading files through a BitTorrent System is illegal.
BitTorrent pulls small parts of files from many locations to evade identification.
Listening to music on YouTube is legal.
Many videos have ads to pay for artists.
Artists get money based on plays.
Downloading YouTube Converter software is legal.
Downloading a copyrighted song through a YouTube Converter is illegal.
(YouTube and Fair Use)
-Good program if you want to discover new music, or artists that are similar to yours (Sinatra, Buble)
-Pick a favorite genre, song or artist and Pandora will adjust your playlist of music based on what you selected.
-Plays advertisements (about every 10 songs)
-Your playlist will also be adjusted by disliking or liking a song.
-You can also skip songs but there is a skip limit.

Google Play
A Cloud-based system similar to iTunes, but it is through your Google account.
From your google account, you can then access your library from any computer and a variety of apps for free.
You can hold as many songs as your google storage may hold. Different plans available.
Websites and App that streams local and popular radio stations live (even if you are away from home).
Has advertisements and commercials.
Gives listeners the option to save favorite stations.
Many radio stations use this during late hours when there is no DJ in studio.
Amazon Prime: Music
Browser based program.
Lets you choose from millions of songs and can create playlists.
$99/year for an Amazon Prime Membership
No advertisement.
Mobile App for music.
Not all songs/artists are available
What types of use have been found to be fair?
Criticism & Commentary
Parodies (Weird Al, Richard Cheese)
News Reports/Online Articles
Search Engine Results
Google Play
Website that streams music with less advertisements than Pandora.
Has an iPod and Android app.
Unlimited skips and stations
Can only have 10 artists per station.
Playback, fast forward and rewind cannot be used
Offers a catalog of more than 4.5 million DRM-free (Digital Rights Management-free) MP3.
Full of preprogrammed playlists made by editors and other listeners
It is the only service that allows full track previews of song but is limited to 25 previews per month.
It can be accessed directly on the Web
Offers a subscription plan as well.
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