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Jim Morrison


Candace Ray

on 16 March 2010

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Transcript of Jim Morrison

10 Facts About Jim Morrison Jim Morrison was always very intelligent.
His school records indicated that he had an I.Q of 149. He would read and write all the time.
He filled up notebooks with stories, poems and thoughts. Jim Morrison was known for telling stories for attention when he was younger.
The first gig that Jim Morrison played, he didnt play or sing one note. Jim tried to convice the press that his parents were dead. He also tried to convince them that his siblings never existed. In Miami in 1969, Jim Morrison was charged with "lewd and lascivious" behavior by exposing his private parts and by simulating masturbation and oral copulation," in addition to profanity and drunkenness. Jim Morrison went through LSD tablets by the dozen and plowed through mountains of marijuana. By 1967, alcohol was the intoxicant of Jim's choice. Their debut album, "The Doors" established a theatrcal, rock-blues style, and hit the U.S. #2 during its 121 week say on the chart. Jim Morrison named his band "The Doors," inspired by the William Blake's famous quote, "There are things known and things unknown: In between are doors."
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