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Australian Landforms

By Daniel and Noah :)

danny pazin

on 9 November 2011

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Transcript of Australian Landforms

AN ACIENT LAND Famous australian landforms Uluru Ancient Australian Life
Australian Dinosaurs Highest mountains,
Longest Rivers,
Highest Waterfalls,
Largest Islands Q. What is second highest mountain in Australia?
A. Mt Towsend 2209 metres Name: Size: Diet:
Ozraptor 3 meters Carnivore
Leaellynasaura 3 meters Carnivore
Minmi 3 meters Herbivore
Muttaburrasaurus 7 metres Herbivore Australian Prehistoric Animals Name: Size: Diet:
Diptrotodon 3 metres Herbivore
Megalania 5.5 metres Carnivore
Quinkana 5 Meters Carnivore
Thunder Bird 15-20 ft Carnivore
Procoptodon 3 meters Herbivore Thylacine Q. What is the thylacine other name?
A. Tasmanian Devil Q. When did the last thyclaine die?
A. On the 7th of the 9th 1936 Q. How much did the Tasmanian Goverment pay for each shot thyclaine?
A. 1 Pound Q. How much higher is the tallest mountain in Australia?
A. Mt Kosciuszko by 19m Q. What is the longest river in Australia?
A. River Murry at 2375m in total Q. What is the largest sand island in Australia?
A. Fraser Island 12 apastles Waverock The Breadknife Q. What is the Australian waterfall with the greatest single drop?
A. Wallaman Falls
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