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Line Bending

No description

Rachel Neil

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Line Bending

Line bending is used to make simple bends in a sheet of thermoplastic polymer. A simple enclosure can be made from two U-shaped parts, attached together using a suitable adhesive
Line Bending Process
Line Bending
Line bending involves heating the material along a line, using a heating element. The plastic softens as it heats, allowing it to be bent. As the plastic cools it will retain its shape. A wooden former is often used to ensure accurate bending
Thermoplastics may be bent to any angle, using a jig or a former,
or if the angle is not critical, simply by bending the thermoplastic sheet by hand
and then holding it until it has cooled.

Straight bends are produced very efficiently
Set up costs are low
No tooling is involved
To heat larger sheets of plastic, a larger machine is needed
Materials may become burnt if exposed for too long
The process cannot produce large amounts
Products made from line bending
plastic floor signs
leaflet holders
plastic tables
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