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Miller,Ventura The Rain forest

the power point about the rainforest

Jefferson Middle

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Miller,Ventura The Rain forest

The animals that live in the rain forest
are macaws Goliath beetle monkeys and butterfly's Rain The plants that live in the rain forest are the oil palm rubber tree pineapples and basil nut People affect the rain forest a lot miners lose chemicals and gasoline in rivers and loggers cut down to many trees the natural resources are iron gold silver and other metals Facts: It is a good way for miners to get money.
2. It is very good for logging. 3. They produce a lot of rubber. 4. we get many of are food from the rain forest forest the temperature average
low 20 Celsius high 34 Celsius Rain forests are in Africa Asia and South America one of the biggest rain forests is 920000 acres big
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