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50 Years of NASCAR

Includes some drivers, founder, etc.

Jared Worley

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of 50 Years of NASCAR

By: Jared Worley 50 Years of NASCAR The Founder In the mid-1930s, a small gas-station owner in Washington, D.C. named William Henry Getty "Bill" France toiled to support his wife and young son by running a gas station. But he wanted more. Bill uprooted his family and moved to Florida, where he started one of the greatest sports in the world- NASCAR. Not all of these facts are currently correct because the book, 50 Years of NASCAR, was printed in 1999, so some records (numbers of wins, poles, etc.) and drivers lives (some may have died) are not correct. All facts are from 1949-1999. Also, when you see the Winston Cup, the name has since changed to the Sprint Cup series, but these races were raced using the Winston Cup title. PLEASE NOTE The top 11 drivers in NASCAR Winston Cup , based on their number of wins.

1. Richard Petty
2. David Pearson
3. Darrell Waltrip
and Bobby Allison (Tie)
5.Cale Yarborough
6. Dale Earnhardt
7. Lee Petty
8. Junior Johnson
and Ned Jarrett (Tie)
10. Rusty Wallace
and Jeff Gordon (Tie) The Drivers Richard Petty is the all time Winston Cup race winner, with 200 total wins
Richard Petty also has the most poles, with 126 total
Has won 7 championships, tied with Dale Earnhardt for the most
Started racing in 1958 in his dad's second race car
Retired in 1992
Nicknamed "The King" Richard Petty 105 total victories
113 poles in 26 seasons
Quit job at local textile (cloth) mill to go racing
Got first racecar in a game of poker
Known as "Little David the Killer" for his aggression at the wheel and "Silver Fox" for his sly style David Pearson Richard "The King" Petty Began racing in late model stock cars, later moved up to Winston Cup
First victory came in 1975 at Nashville Raceway, the first of 84 in his career
Won Winston Cup championship in 1981, '82, and '85
Now a race commentator for Fox Sports
Catchphrase is "Boogity, Boogity, Boogity! Let's go racing, boys!" Darrell Waltrip Began racing underage with the name "Bob Sunderland", eventually told real name
3 time Daytona 500 Winner- 1978, '82, and '88
84 victories
In 1988, suffered career-ending injuries when he slammed into a track wall at over 200 mph Bobby Allison Cale Yarborough Crawled under fences every week to drive a racecar- he was underage - caught by NASCAR twice, thrown out, but still came back to the track
Won first race in Valdosta, GA
3 time Winston cup winner- 1976, '77, and '78 Winner of 7 Winston Cup Championships, tied with Richard Petty for the most
Winner of 74 races
Won 1979 Rookie of the Year, then won the championship in 1980
Arguably the best racer in NASCAR history
Nicknamed "The Intimidator"
Died in crash on the last lap in the 2001 Daytona 500, on February 18, 2001 Dale Earnhardt First three time winner of the Winston Cup (1954, '58, '59)
During first race, he wrecked the family car and then sat pondering how he would get his family home
Won first race on a dirt track called Heidelberg Speedway
Forced to stop racing due to career-ending injuries in a qualifying race at Daytona International Speedway
Died on April 5, 2000 Lee Petty Junior Johnson Won 50 races
Once delivered moonshine
Won first major race on a 1/3 mile track in Hickory, NC
Retired from racing at 35, went on to create a team fielding cars that won 119 races and 6 Winston Cup championships (3 with Cale Yarborough and 3 with Darrell Waltrip) Got first racecar playing cards
Winner of the Winston cup in 1961 and 1965
50 career victories, retired in 1965
After racing career, went on to sell real estate before returning as an award-winning sports commentator on ESPN and CBS, later retired Ned Jarrett Rusty Wallace 1989 Winston Cup Champion
Won first race at Bristol Motor Speedway in 1985
26 time pole winner
Has won over $21 million in his lifetime 49 career wins
3 time Winston Cup champion - 1995, '97, and '98
Youngest person to win the Winston Cup championship, at age 24 (Ironic, because his car number is 24) Jeff Gordon The End!!!! 50 Years of NASCAR by Bob Latford
http://www.rankinroad.com Resources NASCAR was created in 1947-1948 by Bill France, Sr.
Largest sanctioning body of motor racing in the world, with 3 major divisions
NASCAR stands for the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing
NASCAR is 2nd in sports television- behind the NFL
Sponsored by the Fortune 500 more than any other companies The Sport The cars used in NASCAR today are the safest cars that have ever been used in the sport. Back in the 50's and 60's, people would go to a car dealership and buy new cars and drive them on the track later that week. Now, cars are fabricated in shops and the parts are supplied by major-auto manufacturers like Chevy, Ford, Toyota, etc. The Cars
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