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Social Studies and Science Fair Projects-Arnold Magnet Academy


Wendy Henderson

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Social Studies and Science Fair Projects-Arnold Magnet Academy

Tips & Tricks for Successful Social Studies and Science Fair Projects
How to do it!
Question that you want to answer
has to be testable
statement about what might happen
Outline the steps that you need to follow to conduct your experiment including materials or equipment, variables, and detailed instructions about what you are doing.
Data collection
Repetitions: You should do your experiment at least 10 times.
Results of data collection
Did you prove or disprove your hypothesis?
or an educated guess of what might happen and why?
Graphs or Charts showing results
Where can I find ideas?
This is the formal presentation of the information documented in your logbook.
Present your project
to your teacher on December 6.

Create a Research Paper
Look in your text book, on the internet or ask teachers or other adults in your life. Find information about your topic or experiment. (This is called doing research!)
Project Data or Logbook
Most important part of a science fair project.
Write every little detail down.
Choosing a Topic
Social Studies Fair Project
Should include
Question or Problem Statement
Graphs, Pictures, etc…
The bibliography is located at the back of the paper and includes where you obtained your research.
3-5 double-spaced typed pages

Statement of the question being explored

Methodology explains the steps in the research process

Research findings

Conclusion presents a summary of the key idea
Body of Summary Paper
The paper should be bound in a folder with a cover page, which clearly presents the name of the project, student name(s), school name, grade level, and the name of teacher. The cover should add to the overall aesthetic appearance of the project display. The paper should be placed on the table in front of the backboard.
Folder and Cover Page
Research Summary Paper Format
These projects deal with a social issue.

I Am Homeless: Where Can I Get Help?

Should school buses have seat belts?
Political science includes the art, science, and philosophy of the governmental process.
Political Science
Geography is the scientific study of the relationship between the physical environment and human activities.
Anthropology is the scientific study of human beings from prehistory to contemporary societies.

Example: Nuclear power as a political issue rather than "how it works"
Research the topic from a social studies viewpoint rather than investigating it as a
natural science topic.

Bad topic: What do people of Japan like?
Better topic: A Comparison of Japanese sports and American sports.
Avoid topics that are confusing because it cannot be determined what specific
information is being explored.
We often do not know exactly why people did what they did in the past.

Bad topic: Why did Henry Hudson get into trouble with the crew of his ship?
Some topics have no available information.
Topics which are too big make it impossible to find all the information that is needed to cover the topic adequately.

Bad topic: What happened during the Civil War?
Better Topic: The Role of Columbus, GA in the Civil War
Avoid topics that are too broad.
A student cannot write a report on a topic that can be explained in a few words or a sentence.

Bad topic: What crops are grown in our county?
Better topic: What is the economic impact of peanut production in our county?
Avoid topics that are limited.
Reports must be typed and printed.
Verification/Presentation Format
History encompasses all that has happened to humanity.
Economics is the scientific study of the production and exchange of goods and services.
The topic should be supported with facts. The facts are used to arrive at a conclusion.

Bad topic: What is the most powerful country in the world?
Better topic: Why might Japan be considered one of the strongest economic powers in the world?
Avoid topics on which people throughout the world cannot agree.
How to do it!
Science Fair
AMA Fair = 12/12
12 Projects will participate in the CRSEF
February 4-6. If your project is selected,
you will create a triboard for this level of competition.
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