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Loggerhead Mass Mortality and Impunity

No description

Alex Olivera

on 8 September 2015

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Transcript of Loggerhead Mass Mortality and Impunity

Mortandad de tortuga caguama
44 km playa San Lazaro
Caretta caretta
-Mayo a Agosto

Ecoturismo y captura incidental
Whale watching
Long lines and Bottom Gillnets
Gulf of Ulloa
San Lazaro Beach
Peckham et al 2007

High use area


Seminoff et al 2009

Aerial surveys

Habitat use 1996-2007

Captura incidental más alta del mundo
- Administración de Calderon
-6 años de reuniones (ONG, pescadores, gobierno, investigadores)
-Reconocimiento de la captura incidental
The science
Peña Nieto´s administration denied the bycatch
¿captura incidental?
Nuevas hipótesis:
-Radiación de Fukushima
Letters, press and reports
-Observadores a bordo

Nuevo comité científico
The Pelly Amendment to the Fisherman’s Protective Act allows the U.S. Secretary of Commerce or the Secretary of the Interior to determine and certify to the President when foreign nationals are conducting activities that diminish the effectiveness of an international fisheries conservation program or engaging in trade or taking that diminishes the effectiveness of an international program for endangered or threatened species.
Pelly petition
Desacuerdo entre Conapesca y Semarnat
Refugio pesquero vs
Área de refugio

-Ciencia usada como pretexto
-Problema binacional
-Política mata ciencia
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