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William Baffin

No description

Jason Ren

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of William Baffin

You've probably heard of Baffin Island.But do you know who discovered the island?William Baffin,of course.He didn't really discover it purposely.Like most of the explorers who were exploring North America during his life(1584-1622),he was actually searching for the Northwest Passage.Although he didn't discover the passage,he did discover Lancaster Sound.Unknown at the time,this was actually the entrance to the Northwest Passage!William Baffin was born of humble origin in 1584(Baffin's birthday is unknown,and his year of birth is a guess) and raised himself by his diligence and perseverance.Nothing is known of his early life, and he first appeared in history in 1612.His best friend was Robert Bylot,and they set off together to attempt to find the Northwest Passage...
William Baffin.
What life in England was like during Baffin's time.
William Baffin's Voyages.
The First Voyage
The Second Voyage
Unfortunately, Baffin lived in the time of witchcraft.People believed in witchcraft and accused people of being witches and had them hung,beheaded or executed.They would do "trials" to figure out if they were witches,such as trial by cake,trial by hot water and trial by cold water.
William Baffin explored the arctic from 1612,1613-1614,1616,1616,and 1617-1619.
The first 2 voyages were with the Spitsbergen whale-fishery, and at that time controlled by England's Muscovy Company.The 1616 voyages were with his best friend Robert Bylot.Those voyages were paid for by England.Baffin probably used a sextant,compass and/or quadrant during his voyages.
On their first voyage Baffin and Bylot mapped the south coast of what is now known as Baffin Island. Sailing to the north of Southampton Island Baffin and Bylot concluded that the body of water they had entered was enclosed (and therefore could not yield any passage) and turned back to England arriving in Plymouth in September ‘without the loss of one man’. Baffin surmised that if a passage did exist it would be found up Davis Strait, and it was with this idea in mind that a second voyage set sail in 1616.
Explorer of the arctic.
Traveling up Davis Strait,Baffin and Bylot managed to navigate the ice and sail north into what is now appropriately named Baffin Bay. However, impassible ice further north eventually halted progress. Before returning to England the mouths of various straits were explored, notably Lancaster Sound. Ice blocked its entrance and Baffin concluded that it could not form any part of the passage.

Upon his return Baffin wrote to his investors concluding, ‘there is no passage nor hope of passage in the north of Davis Strait [Baffin Bay]. We having coasted all, or near all the circumference thereof, and find it to be no other than a great bay, as the voyage doth truly show’. Edward Parry was to prove otherwise, sailing through Lancaster Sound – but his discovery lay over 200 years in the future.
Death of William Baffin.
William Baffin was killed in a battle(although he was wearing armour under his "explorer clothes") in the Anglo-Persian attack on the Portuguese fort on Kishm Island in the Persian Gulf, a preliminary to the Capture of Ormuz,on January 23,1622.Before that,Baffin took service with the English East India Company, and in 1617-1619 sailed to Surat in British India, and on his return received the special recognition of the Company for valuable surveys of the Red Sea and Persian Gulf which he had made in the course of the voyage.
Accomplishments and legacy.
Besides the importance of his geographical discoveries, William Baffin is to be remembered for the importance and accuracy of his numerous scientific and magnetic observations, including the determination of longitude at sea by lunar observation or Lunar Distance.He also named Lancaster,Smith,and Jones Sound after some of his sponsors.When Edward Parry passed over the same ground 200 years later,he confirmed everything Baffin had recorded and appropriatly named Baffin Island and Baffin Bay after the great explorer.He had also traveled to Europe,North America and Asia.



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