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4모둠 영어 레시피 숙제

4모둠 영어 레시피 숙제

wotjd wkd

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of 4모둠 영어 레시피 숙제

Hello I'll introduce my recipe for everyone. My recipe is on how to make fried rice. Ingredients 1.Rice
7.Pickled radish 10. Oil [Making Egg Rolls]

Hello! I'm Yun Jung-Yeon.
Today I'll show you how to make egg rolls. First, to make egg rolls,
you'll need 6 eggs, cheese, 1 red pepper,
a half of an onion, green onions, a knife, a bowl, and a frying pan. Second, you'll need to chop up the vegetables; onion, pepper, and green onion, and put them into a bowl or plate. Third, you'll need to break
the shells of the six eggs, put
them in, and mix. Fourth, you'll need to
put the rest of the chopped vegetables,
put a little milk in, and mix again. First,
Chop the potato into cubes. Third, Second,
chop the ham
into cubes too. cut the pickled radish
into cubes as well. Fifth, put some oil
on the frying pan. Seventh, cook the carrots and onions on
the frying pan as well. Eighth,separately stir-fry
the ham . Ninth, stir-fry everything else
together in the frying after
adding rice. Finished! Now..the only thing left
to do is to eat!:D Fourth, chop the onions. Sixth, cook the potatoes
on the frying pan. the end Spread the "mix" out on
the frying pan, top it with cheese,
cook, and there you are:D Thank you for listening^0^ Tofu Kimchi fried rice Second,Slice kimchi and tofu Fourth,Fry the tofu and kimchi Seventh,Serve your familly or guest Fifth,after frying the tofu and kimchi,put rice in and fry again STUFF : chili powder half spoon , sugar quarter spoon , sesame oil one spoon , some sesame , some tofu , some rice , knife , scissors , thomas Sixth,If you think it's done, than move tofu kimchi fried rice ito a beautiful bowl First,Prepare Stuff Third,mix kimchi with a quarter spoon of sugar , a half spoon of chili powder , a one spoon of sesame oil and some sesame Hello! My name is Park-Jinwoo
Now I tell you about my food recipe Thank you for listening to my presentation.
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