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Street Poetry By Tyler Joseph of Twenty One Pilots

No description

Charity Frye

on 29 April 2015

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Transcript of Street Poetry By Tyler Joseph of Twenty One Pilots


Despondent and somber until shift, then hopeful and morbidly inspirational
About the Author/ Background info
Tyler Joseph was born on December 1st, 1988, and is the singer, songwriter, and one of the two muscians of Twenty One Pilots. He plays piano, and ukulele, where as the other half of TOP Joshua Dun plays the drums and the drum box.

He has never really explanained any of his poems, songs, or lyrics, as he strongly believes that personal symbolism is where one can find personal worth and value. The band members are both Christian in faith, as can be seen in much of their music.
Infestation- used to show unwanted interference
Crazy mind- used instead of a worse word to be more colloquial and relatable
You only live once- to show unoriginality of our culture, but then show the reality of the words
Death inspires me- Morbid, but gets the point across

Form and Structure
Free verse organic poetry, with a rhyme scheme but no set meter. Leaves much to the imagination.

Tyler Joseph writes so that he can escape his own mind. He creates art, and doesn't explain it to others in order to create purpose for himself, as he is the only person who knows his personal meaning, and thoughts around the songs.He also does this in the quote to the right, which helps further explain this poem. He uses the music he listens and writes as an escape from his mind as well, as seen clearly in the "this is not rap, this is not hip hop, just another attempt to make the voices stop" line, and the actions of putting in ear buds during this line in the video. He sees society as metaphorical "mindless zombies", walking around standing for nothing and merely surviving. He uses yolo to show the unoriginality of today's culture, but then goes on to explain how yolo is accurate, as we really only get one change at life. He finishes the dope verse with a call to action calling himself and others to figure out how to run from death, much like a rabbit runs from a dog in fear of death. It is a relatively morbid inspiration, but is reasonable none the less. What Tyler is really trying to push is creativity, and the worth a person can find in being creative and creating creative creations.
Street Poetry By Tyler Joseph of Twenty One Pilots
Poetry Analasis by Charity Frye

Street Poetry (becasue he is on a street)
At the call to action, ( One time to think and I say we start now) where he goes from a somber tone to a more hopeful, willing to change tone.
To be brief,
We are messed up.
Individually, socially, culturally.
But we have the power to change that.
We can fix our own minds.

Somber, hopeless, frustrated, deranged, cathartic until the shift, at which hope is brought forth in a call to action
Sound Devices
Internal Rhyme (Choke on Smoke)
Assonance (Infestation , Imagination) (Another, Attempt) (Saying, Stuff) (Crazy, Clean)
Repetition: (this is not (2) (one time(3)
Alliteration: (Time, Twist) (Time, Think) (Say, Start)

Rhyme Scheme
Rap like, not specified.
"It's time to think, and I say we start now"
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