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loudness of teacher

No description

Anika Claassen

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of loudness of teacher

The Loudness of the DAA Middle School Downstairs Teachers What are we trying to find? We are trying to find the loudest teacher downstairs. By: Sung-Hyun, Rojan, Anika, Jun, Evan Variables Independent: Teachers, temperature
Dependent: Loudness of the Sound
Control: The decibel meter, distance Hypothesis Mr. Russell will have the loudest voice because he is a PE teacher. Therefore, he has more opportunity to speak loudly. He also has a large classroom so he has to speak louder to let the sound reach to the end of the classroom. Materials -Decibel meter Procedure 1) Stand 1.5m away from one of the teacher
2) Measure the decibel of a teacher teaching in his/her normal voice
3) Record the decibel
4) Go to another teacher and repeat the steps These teachers helped us with our experiment Mr. Russell
Mr. Cameron
Mrs. Diana
Ms. Addison
Mrs. Morris
Ms. Agnes
Mr. Mo
Ms. Ecroyd
Ms. Guest
Ms. Munn Conclusion Our hypothesis was rejected because in our experiment, there was another PE teacher called Mr. Mo and he had a louder voice. Mr.Russell was average 77Db and Mr. Mo was average 92Db Sources of Error The gym and classrooms were sometimes very loud meaning the decibel meter picked up other sounds. Some teachers thought they should talk loudly even thought we told them to go on with their lesson in a normal speaking voice. Improvements Ask them to come into the hallway were it is Quieter
If the teacher speaks loudly to step away from them so tha it is more accurate.
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