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Types of Animation

Another classic presentation which will help you to understand the different types of animation.

Matthew Wilson

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Types of Animation

Masking within in animation is when you cover part of a scene to insert something else later on. A traditional technique was chroma key, but now a days it can be done digitally.

Chroma Key is a special effect that layers two or more images or video's together. This technique is used heavily to remove a background from a subject in photos or videos.
Movement animation is in all different types of animation and is important. Animation movement is different to normal movement in movies as it has to be done in small incretumental steps or otherwise the movement will not look smooth.
Morphing is a technique used in animation that morphs an image into another through a smooth transition. Below is an example of what morphing is:
Stop Motion
Stop motion is a technique that is used to make objects appear to move on there own. The object is moved in small steps which are photographed; creating the illusion of movement. The main material used is clay as its easy to mold in different shapes.
Computer Animation
Is a process of animations which are generated on a computer. Within computer animation there is both 3D and 2D animation. Nowadays 3D animation is used more, but 2D is still used.

Computer animation is essentially the modern successor to stop motion, flip books or other older methods. They are normally more reliable and have better control.
Matthew Wilson
Types of Animation
Is a traditional method of animation where by each frame would be drawn by hand by an artist. They often took a long to make because of the amount of frame that needed to be drawn up. Many older animated films especially from Walt Disney were done in this method.
Cel Animation
Here is a good example of cell animation. This short animation took the guy 14 weeks to make
This guy explains how stop motion works and the process of making it look professional.
The process of stop motion
A example of a morphing animation
This demonstrates movement animation
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