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Discover Quest: Greek Easter

No description

Jayla Simon

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Discover Quest: Greek Easter

Greece Lockport
How I Celebrate Greek Easter: by: Jayla Simon 'American' Easter and 'Greek' Easter are usually scheduled on different Sundays because the churches use different calendars. My family celebrates Easter by following the traditions of the Greek Orthodox Church.

I look forward to celebrating this holiday with my family every year at my house. It is a special holiday to me. To understand 'Greek Easter' better, we will have to take a trip to Greece. FASTING:
One important tradition is to 'fast' for 40 days. 'Fasting' means that I do not eat meat for 40 days before Easter. During the last 7 days of fasting, also called Holy Week, I do not eat meat OR dairy.

On Wednesday during Holy Week, my family goes to church to receive Holy Oil on the tops and bottoms of our hands and on my cheeks, chin, and forehead to make a Cross.
Traditions: Getting Ready for Easter Traditions: Going to Church LIGHTING THE CANDLE

On the Saturday night before Easter my family goes to church. We each light a candle and walk outside around the church three times.

We try to make sure the candles do not blow out and bring them home to start our Easter celebration. Traditions: Food Once we bring the candle back from church we begin our Easter Feast. We make traditional Greek dishes like pasticcio and lamb. We also make Red Easter Eggs. We use these eggs to play a traditional Egg Cracking game. The objective of the game is to break all the other eggs and be the last person with an unbroken egg. The winner gets 'good luck' for the next year. Traditions: Fun After dinner we 'Greek Dance' for fun and stay up all night celebrating Easter.
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