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Copy of A Bug's Life

Analysis of the Organizational Behavior and Management

Wendy Solomo

on 23 July 2013

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Transcript of Copy of A Bug's Life

Kiel Odo,
Randee Layosa,
Therone Bridges, Kasey Fernandez, Chelsea Suzumoto

Harvest season
Colony klutz ruins quota
Hopper doubles demand
Princess Atta sends Flik off
Flik returns with "warrior bugs"
Circus bugs decide to help defeat the Grasshoppers
Flik devises a plan
Hopper meets his demise

Plot Summary
Princess Atta
Scenario 2-- Change
Scenario 3-- Ending
Making choices among alternative courses of action including interaction
Gather information and make decisions in the company
3 Levels of decision: strategic, tactical, operational
The generation of new ideas that are:
Original: how unique ideas are
Fluent: # of ideas one can generate
Flexible: how different ideas are from each other
New ideas are difficult to be accepted

The Creative Decision-Making Process:
Team Work
Leadership & Power
Leadership & Power
Team Work & Goals
Leadership & Power
Decision Making
"You see Hopper, Nature has a certain order. The ants pick the food, the ants keep the food, and the grasshoppers leave!" --- Princess Atta
Team Norms
Team leadership
Traditional manager-led teams
Team Roles
Princess Atta - Calibrator
Flik - Critic
Hopper - Coordinator
Barriers to effective teams
Poor performance of team members - Flik
First rule of management: Everything is your fault!
Princess Atta demands conformity to their daily lifestyle choices
Hopper creates dependency for entire group towards ants because they gather their food
Hopper uses rational persuasion to explain the ant concept to Molt and others
Ants feel the pressure to finish making the bird before grasshoppers come back
Flik - Expert & Information Power
Hopper & Princess Atta -Legitimate/Reward/Coercive Power
Molt-Information Power
Goals help teams improve performance
Ants created a goal to scare off Hopper
Grasshoppers stayed consistent in keeping ants in line

Team tasks
Production tasks
Idea-generation tasks
Problem-solving tasks
Team Roles
Flik - Creator
Molt - Communicator
Individual vs. Group Decision Making

Individual: Hopper
Comes to decisions quicker
Less Ideas

Group: Ant Colony
Takes Time
Scenario 1--Beginning
Ants, as a group, had resistance to Hopper's demands, stayed committed to their bird plan, and succeeded.
Princess Atta eventually changes her leadership method, and includes others.
Hopper kept as a dictator until the very end, and they suffered because of it.
They all hold the same types of power throughout, but the method of application changes as stated.
The expectation is for traditions to remain the exact same:
The ants gather food for the grasshoppers
Grasshoppers "protect" ants from dangerous bugs
Grasshoppers collect food at the beginning of the fall
Ants gather food for themselves and then repeat the following year.
Hopper demands ants double their offering.
Ants finally question their roles, & consider fighting back with the "warrior bugs."
Flik's bird idea was embraced, and the decision is made.
Meanwhile grasshoppers back under the sombrero plead to Hopper to neglect the ants and stay where they are.
Hopper disciplines Molt and others, single-handedly deciding to go back.
Princess Atta embraces the others' plans.
The ant colony uses Flik's invention to scare off grasshoppers.
Grasshoppers show up demanding food.
Coincidentally real bird shows up and attacks hoppers.
Since Princess Atta adapted to new ideas and change within her colony, they are successful.
Hopper refused to change so they suffered.
Rational Decision Making Model
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