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Science Chapter 12 Lesson 3 How are chemical properties used

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theresa Sauer

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Science Chapter 12 Lesson 3 How are chemical properties used

Different Changes
In a physical change you bring back the matter ,but in a chemical change you can't.
Three types of chemical changes
scramble eggs
rust on things
burning something
When does a chemical change occur
When a type of matter changes
into a total different type of matter. Example, when iron turns into iron oxide.
Reactant and Product
The reactant is a substance used in the reaction. A substance made in the
reaction is called the product. So the
reacant sort of makes the product.
The difference between a physical & chemical changes.
by Luke Payne 5A
Chemical Equation
A chemical equation is a special kind of sentence that shows what happened
during a chemical reaction .
Three types of chemical reaction
a penny turning green
bubbles on raisins in carbonated water
a bottle of coke & some mentos
Separation with chemical properties
Salt in water then you evaporate the water then separation. Only the salt is
A special thanks to
My science book & KIDS SCIENCE
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