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Fracking Nation

No description

chris rapparlie

on 26 July 2014

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Transcript of Fracking Nation

Fracking Nation
Pros of Fracking
Natural gas is by far the cleanest burning fossil fuel
Abundance of natural gas in the US
'Best' alternative until renewable energy is viable
How Fracking Works Cont'
Method used to extract natural gas from shale deposits
Deep underground
How fracking works
Millions of gallons of water, sand, and chemicals injected into shale deposits
Shale deposits break open, releasing natural gas
Natural gas is collected
Risk - Continued
Fracking workers face elevated risks
Transporting natural gas is very dangerous
There are a multitude of health risks that accompany contaminated water
Water Depletion
Linda Marsa
Writer for Discover Magazine
Staff writer for LA Times
June Roth Memorial Award for Medical Journalism in 2006, 2009, 2011, 2013
Teacher at The Writer’s Program at UCLA Extension
Teacher of the Year 1999
2014 Best Books of the Year: (Society of Journalists and Authors)
Risks - Water Contamination
Shale contains more than just natural gas
Uranium, barium, chromium, zinc, and arsenic
Methane contamination
Methane leaks into water supply, potentially making it as flammable as lighter fluid
Potential for water radiation poison
Essentially becomes industrial waste
Create horizontal veins off a vertical well along the shale
Pump water along horizontal well at high pressure
Gases and oils forced up into the horizontal well then up towards tanks with water moving upwards
Natural gas
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