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01.03 "Why Can't I Have It All"

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Morgan Caulder

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of 01.03 "Why Can't I Have It All"

01.03 "Why Can't I Have It All"
Morgan Caulder

-Having to potty train the puppy.
-Making sure it is taken out and fed 3 times a day.
-Having to walk the dog.
-Not being able to go out on vacation without hiring someone to watch it.
-Having to clean up the messes.
-Buying food
-Buying toys.
-Puppy soiling furniture/carpet.

Costs and benefits of getting a new puppy.
-Having a pet
-The puppy will grow up and protect your family
-Improving mental health
-you'll never get lonely.
-Great to excercise with.
1. Explain how the concepts of scarcity, choice, and opportunity cost relate to your dilemma.
There is a lot of time scarcity when it comes to having a new puppy. You can't just go off on vacation or leave the house all day because puppies need attention and lot's of it. They need to be played with and trained. When owning a puppy, you need to make a lot of choices on how you spend your time freely and when to be home with the puppy. If you chose spending time away from home for a day and having your puppy alone, you risk coming back home to messes and a distressed puppy.
2. When making a decision, are the costs and benefits equally important to you? Why or why not. Based on your chart, explain which category, costs or benefits, would have the largest impact on your decision?
I think that when making a decision, costs have a greater impact on me. I think this because you could have something that's somewhat good, but if there's more bad than good, then it's really not a good thing. I think when getting a puppy, the costs would have a larger impact on my decision because there are more things to be worried about than there is to enjoy.
3. Based on the chart and your responses to the above questions, what will be your final choice? Write a brief paragraph with at least three details to persuade your instructor that this is the best decision.
I think my final choice would be getting a puppy, but only if I knew that I had enough time to take care of it. Having a puppy comes with a lot of responsibility and sacrifice. I know that I would need to be stable enough to provide food and water for the puppy. I also know that I need to be home or ask someone to help me out. Owning a puppy is like taking care of another person.
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