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Black Death Timeline

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Isabel Kim

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Black Death Timeline

Black Death Constantinople the

Plague in Eastern Roman Empire was a small plague compared to plagues in thirteenth century. This plague killed about ten thousand people each day in Constantinople which was located on the waterway that connected with the Black Sea. This constant death of people did not last very long. The plague also faded away at the same year as it started. 750 CE - Black Death in Roman Empire Black Death also known as the Bubonic plague was the worst occurrence that could have ever happened to humans. Scientists study about Black Death through the DNA of some victims alive. The Oriental rat flees that were found around central Asia. These flees had either the bacteria alone in their blood or they would stay inside rats to bite and infect living creatures. It was one of the most usual sights to see such insects and rodents on the street of China. This was probably the reason why it was informed that the plague started out in north - western China; however it is not a certain answer. It started out on the year, 1333. This year was also the year of starvation in China and some countries in Asia. Also it was the time of the Ying dynasty or the Song dynasty. However historians don’t know for sure.
China is known for its population. Out of all the countries throughout the world, China is the country with the greatest population. On the year of 1333, there were estimated one hundred million people living as Chinese citizens in China. The Black Death killed over twenty three million people in China. The result of the dead people was as much as nine - tenth of the population in China. About 65 million Chinese survived from the plague. It was wide spread there. And it even reached the Silk Road. Silk Road is a road or a street for trading silks in China with other countries.


1333CE - Black Death found erupted in China China From China the plague moved on to Crimea located in Ukraine. This plague also reached Genoan a city in Kaffa. The similarities between these two countries are they are both countries who would trade to get their goods. And this was the exact reason why the plague moved on. Merchants, who were from the trading city of Kaffa also known as Genoan, traveled to Silk Road in China. They traded their goods for silks since silks were well known in China.
However, they didn’t only bring back the good; they also brought the bad issues that would cause big problems. When they returned to their country they brought silk. These silk contained germs and flees. All of these nasty things were moved on from dead bodies in China and started to spread the black plague disease in the city of Genoan. As soon as the black plague took place in Genoan it rapidly moved to the city near Genoan, Crimea. This Black Death struck down and killed people in all age. Before any tears could have been seen people died in a day the caught the Black Death. We believe that the fleas what we call the “Oriental rat flees” were living on the fur of black rats. These black rats were very commonly found on ships. Merchants use these ships for travelling to places to trade. It sails throughout the Mediterranean ship close to the Black Sea. From here it doesn’t only drop China and Ukraine’s population it also drops the whole entire population. The plague start to spread to Crimea, Ukraine - 1346CE Crimea, Ukraine On 1347, the ship was called “Genoese”. And it was full of injured people. This ship was sailed away from Sicily. Ship Genoese not only included people who were deadly sick. It also included bunch of flees. These flees were carrying the disease that could bring black plague to anywhere or anyone. The Black Death reached Cyprus located in the continent, Europe. The plague reached at the same time when problems happened in Western Europe. These problems were economic problems.  Black Death reaches Cyprus in Europe -1347CE Cyprus SICILY Some parts of Hungary and the Brabant region (in modern Belgium), Hainaut, Limburg, and Santiago de Compostella, weren’t affected by the plague. The reason wasn’t clearly shown. Some historians assume that the sanguine groups of presence used their knowledge to help prevent the plague coming. These countries would have been close to being caught up with the second plague which was in 1360 - 1363 and later when a lot of resurgences of the plague. Other areas that were stayed away from the plague were protected regions such as Pyrenees.

Other religion such as the Jews weren’t much secured to the Black Death. The Europeans were mostly Christians so most of them believed that the reason of Black Death was all because of Jews. This was not a true fact because obviously the Black Death killed Jews as well as the Christians. But at that time not all the people were knowledgeable and some couldn’t even point out the obvious. So Christians believed Jews as the murders and decided to murder the Jews. Some Jews were dead by the Christians who thought the right act was to kill them back. They would get killed by being burnt. Christians thought by burning them dead would also take away the Black Death. This could have continued for a very long time; however the pope stated the very obvious point. This point was that Jews are not the crime of the Black Death and they are also as innocent as the Christians. After the death of 2000~3000 Jews, even Christians didn’t know the reason of the Black Death. Outbreaks are found in Belgium, Germany leaving 2000~3000 dead Jews - 1349
Belgium, Germany Without getting any news about the black plague that was caused to Crimea, the plague went on to Venice in Italy. After that it rapidly spread to Alexandria. Alexandria is located in Egypt . Between each country locates a Mediterranean Sea. This sea is connected to the way of Black Sea which contained the disease of the plague. But the most of the reason why disease was infected in these countries were through the trade. These countries also traded their goods. However, they had trade with the wrong country. The trades were done by the ship with Constantinople and other ports on the black sea. It also traded with central Asia with the same boat that was used for other trades. These ships contained the flees and rats just like the other ships. Venice, Italy Alexandria, Egypt The plague reaches Venice, Italy, as well as Alexandria, located in Egypt. - 1347
France Afterwards, the plague reached Southern part of France. Black plague also known as plague bacillus went from place to place. Sometimes it would go on to human’s shirt and clothes because of the rats carrying the fleas got on to the boat along with the human. This plague could be transferred by people’s sneeze and the spit in their sneeze. This plague was rapidly spreading through most cities in France such as Avignon and Marseilles and it reduced the population in France to half.
The plague spreads to Paris and then to Marseilles, France - 1348
The plague stayed in Europe. After France, it was spread to Genoa which was from the Levant that was connected with the city Marseilles in France. Then it was moved onto a city called Southampton in England on the latter part of the year 1348. Death was easily seen and was very common in Southampton afterwards. Not only humans was found dead on the street many animals were dead especially flocks of sheep in the places where there was farms. England Southampton The plague arrives in Southampton, England - 1348 In England, there has been a great loss of people, city, and more. The Black Death was invading most cities in England such as Bristol, Oxford, Norwich, Leicester, Bordeaux, and London. Some countries were even only full of dead and buried people. It is believe that entire England had approximately tenth part of it alive. Flees, that contained the power of bubonic plague, would conquer everywhere including places where public worships are held. People such as priests and lawyers weren’t any different from other people who were caught up with the Plague. As lower the people are at the feudal system or the class had more chance to being caught up by the plague. This was because people who are noble and are highly poor are very opened to the street and their houses had rats like one of their family member. In contrast, king’s throne and chair was cleaned by servants who stayed in the castle only. The materials that the people in high class used were well cleaned and highly polished. After all, royal people had less chance of getting the Black Death than peasants.

This does not mean that every royal people in England survived from the plague. King Edward third had a daughter as a princess. Her name was Joana Edward. After staying in her royal clean palace, she had to go outside to marry. Unfortunately, she had no choice but to marry Don Pedro outside. Don Pedro was a prince about to heir the throne of Castile. She was on her way to marry him. When she was in Bordeaux, she suddenly felt unconscious and was dead on the street. She has caught the Black Death. Researchers believe that there was a flee on the street of Bordeaux and she was killed the same way as the servants were by the rats. Daughter of England king Edward III dies by the plague - 1348 During the year of 1349, the year after Joana’s death, King Edward third wrote a very important letter. In the letter, he asks a favor to the mayor of London. He asked if the streets could be cleaned. Instead of asking in a nice way, he wrote a lot of complains about the streets and the black plague that caused all the chaos and mess. He mentioned that the city, London, is full of dead faces and the air that floats around the city is full of toxic and it is poisoned. He told the Mayor that it could bring a great harm to those who walk the streets especially when the time of infectious plague is around. After the letter was sent, there was an order for the labors to work to clean the mess and the chaos. But while this was going on lots of the labors were laid dead and the streets shown no difference than before it was asked to clean.
King Edward orders people to clean streets Plague revisits Egypt after a trip in Europe. This time it affected whole Islamic region that was located in cities such as Alexandria in Egypt. Some of the cleaner and more rats - free environment of Islamic region had cares to heal the Black Death. It was known to be more advanced than the western part of the Europe at that time. More victims were found alive at least than Europe.
Plague arrives once again in Egypt - 1349 After it reached countries in Europe, it finally reached northern western part of Russia. Before black plague reached in Russia, diseases weren’t very destructive. Only small flus would go around the country. However, the Black Death rapidly moved on the whole entire country. Russia is known as one of the biggest countries in the world. But Black Death conquered the whole entire Russia at last.
Russia The plague reaches the entire Russia -  1351 Adding up to the total loss of all countries in Europe, more than twenty five million people were dead just in Europe alone. Every day the king would watch about two hundred people buried. However, not all of the people were being buried. The reason for this is because the people in the higher class would order the people in the lower class to bury the dead people. But while the ceremonies and while they move the dead people flees and rats would go on the people who were carrying the dead people and infect the plague as well to them. At the end, lots of people, who were infected by the plague, were laid down dead on the streets. Most of these people were in low class and were slaves or peasants.
The plague, Black Death, was really devastating all the people especially in Europe. While the researchers were looking they searched for theories of Black Death. They found that the plague has killed between seventy five million people and two hundred million people. They also searched up the DNA analysis and found that Europe was the most devastated and harmed country by the Black Death as it swept from beginning of the year 1347. EUROPE Black Death ends leaving 25 million people dead in Europe - 1352 Another bubonic plague returns in Europe. This plague wasn’t different from the other plague that was held before. It killed a lot of people in Europe. More people were laid down in street dead. And many dead bodies were found and were infected in a same way.
Black Death returns - 1374 On the year, 1388 fourth outbreak of the plague occurred. Unlike other plagues that happened before this plague mainly affected the adults. On the plague that was held before mostly killed and affected many children. This time, it affected more of the adults and the parents of the children.
4th outbreak of the plague - 1388 Cut down of litigation in England due to the plague (London) - 1664
Legal act was reducing in England. The reason for this was because of the plague that was caused in London and other cities. As the number of dead people increased, it was harder for the government to decide any laws because there aren’t much people to follow. Also the people in the government and who were setting the laws also had problems due to the plague. So it was hard for the country to be governed by laws. After all those centuries of Black Death, it started to fade away on the year 1722. This disease might strike the modern world as much force as it did in 1347. Small plague might happen but none of the big plague happened in the modern world.
Plague starts to vanish - 1722
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