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Friends: In what way this TV show influence the American society?

Friends is a American sitcom base in 6 friends living their lifes in New York City and how everything that happens to one of them directly or indirectly affects the others.

Daniela Guzman

on 3 April 2011

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Transcript of Friends: In what way this TV show influence the American society?

In what way this TV show influence the American society? What is Friends? Is an American sitcom
that revolves around a
group of six friends
living in Manhattan, New
York City. Sitcom: Abreviation of
"situation comedy". It
has a storyline and
ongoing characters http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sitcom The first television sitcom
was Pinwright's Progress that was
transmitted during 1946 until 1947
by the network BBC. Who are those six Friends? Friend was aired
since September 22,
1994 to May 6,
2004 How much did Friends last? Cast Phoebe Joey Monica Chandler Rachel Ross She is a masseur and guitar player, when she was a kid her mother killed herself leaving her and her twin sister alone. He is an American-Italian actor; he is the “player” of the group and the most childish. Portrayed by Lisa Kudrow Portrayed by Matt LeBlanc She has an obsessive
and competitive personality. She is obsessed with order and cleaning. Portrayed by Courtney Cox He is known as the clown of the group and the less serious one. He has lots of traumas caused by his father that is a travesty Portrayed by Matthew Perry At the beginning of the series starts as a spoiled girl but during the series she learns how to be independent. She is very into fashion and men. Portrayed by Jennifer Aniston Is a paleontologist. He is the most serious and the one with most unsuccessful relationships. Portrayed by David Schwimmer But... What was happening in America during the year that the series was aired for the first time? - Bill Clinton was the president of the United States
- Richard Nixon died of a stroke
- The FIFA World Cup was held in USA
- Kurt Cobain was found dead in his house
- Forrest Gump won the Academy award during this year
- The biggest premiers of the year were - The Lion King, The Mask and Pulp Fiction
- The top music hits were The sign of Ace of Base and The Power of Love by Celine Dion
- Some others television series were causing and impact in American television, like:
The Story of Ross and Rachel

Since the first season Ross showed an interest in Rachel, but nothing actually happen until season two. The relation came to an end after Ross cheated on Rachel (but according to his words their were on a "break").
A few seasons later they had a child together, but it wasn't until the end of the show that they finally decided to stay together. The Story of Chandler and Monica

They started as just an affair in Ross's wedding with Emily. They hid it from everyone until they were discovered by Joey. After a while they felt in love with each other and decided to be must than just an affair, they started to live together.
When Chandler decided to propose to Monica, Richard appeared in her life, making her cuestioned about the future that she might have with Chandler, at the end everything works out and they got marry.
A few years later they adopted a couple of babies twins and they moved outside Manhattan. http://www.tvacres.com/char_bing_chandler3.htm http://www.flixster.com/photos/jennifer-aniston-ross-rachel--emma-3592328 The Story of Phoebe and Mike

They met thanks to Joey, he and Phoebe were going to arrange each other a blind date, but Joey forgot it and ended put taking some random guy to a date with Phoebe.
After a while together and periods of time when an ex-boyfriend of Phoebe showed up, they got married.
Until the end of the series they didn't have any kids or any change in their relationship. http://religioninfriends.webs.com/characterbios.htm Phoebe's relationships David, the scientist Mike, the pianist Rachel, the friend Kathy, the actress Joey's relationships Monica's relationships Richard, the older man Peter, the millionaire Kathy, the best friend's girlfriend Janice, OH MY GOD Chandler's relationships Barry, the orthodontist Joey, the friend Ross's relationships Rachel's relationships Carol, the lesbian wife Emily, the British wife Ross and Carol had a son called Ben, and is raised by two mothers and one father It was aired at 8:30 pm Between and How many people watched those episodes? The first episode of the series was watched by 21.5 million viewers, corresponding to the 8,56% of the total population of America. And the last episode was watched by 60.46 million viewers, corresponding to the 20,58% of the population. http://www.census.gov/popest/states/tables/NST-EST2004-01.pdf Did "Friends" changed the English language? Unagi Normaly, this word is known as "freashwater Japanese eels, but according to Ross, this word it refers to a permanent warning in case of any sign of danger. If you look this word in Google, the third recomendation that it is given is related to "Friends" How you doin'? This is a famous quote use by Joey everytime that he ants to flirt with a girl. Nowadays is part of the Western English slang and is use for the same purpose that Joey had. "The Finger" Is was a way of insulting by giving "the finger" created by Ross. It consist in banging both fists together twice. They are fans of the series that until this day use this "insult". The Intensifiers A study held in the University of Toronto shows that the series "Friends" cause a great impact in English Language. This study investigated the use of intensifiers in the dialogues of the characters. What the study conclude was that the intensifier "so" was the most used throught the series, a fact that is linked to the increase of this intensifier in coloquial English. How were the critics' early reviews? Some critics
said that was a
wannabe of ... It was also called
the best sitcom of the
season that year Did Friends influence the American society? "The Rachel" It is refered to the hairstyle that Rachel had during the first and the second season. It cause such an impact in women that about 11 million have tried this haircut Central Perk This is the name given to the coffee house in where the six friends spent most of their free time. Nowadays that original set is part of a museum and inspired a franchise with the same name and trying to copy the same style that the original The Lifestyle A study held in Dresden University of Technology proved that about the 58% of people that watches Friends lives alone. But what the show managed to do was to become a valid form of lifestyle being divorced or staying single for a lifetime in a modern society. http://www.centralperk.ch/index_eng.html http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=How%20YOU%20doin%27%3F http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/01/18/jennifer-aniston-hated-the-rachel_n_810229.html Friends nowadays Still is being broadcasted around the world and it is still being very succesful. A poll made on January 3, 2011 by TV Guide Magazine showed that the cast of "Friends" is the favorite of all time, winning with a 29% of the votes, beating Seinfeld that had only 19% of the votes.
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