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people of the civil war

No description

Hope MacDonald

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of people of the civil war

People of the Civil War Abraham Licoln Abrabam was a good man that stop
slavery. people thought it was not fair because not everyone didn't want the same thing. Some wanted slavery and other didn't share the samed thought. Harriet Tubman She help slaves go to the
north and the north was a
non slavery union. Harriet was in undergound railroad. Braxton Bragg Braxton Bragg was U.S Army officer.
born March 22 , 1812. Died september 27,1876 John Pope John was an army commander.
He was the only commander
who was against war. He spent
his entire caree in the military. Rose o'neal Greehow Rose nick name was
"Wild Flower". She was
a washington leader
during the civil war. Mary Tod Licoln Mary tod licoln was
the frist lady when Abraham was in
She had 4 kids with Abraham named
robert, Willie, Tad, and Edward.
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