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The Book of Psalms

Master plan for OT226, semester 1, 2014, Melbourne School of Theology

Andrew Brown

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of The Book of Psalms

The Book of Psalms
Soundtrack for a Spiritual Journey
Introduction to the Psalms
Provenance and Setting (how we got it and what it meant)
Aspects of the Psalms
Use in New Testament and later in Church and Culture
Subject outline >>>
Psalm 139
Psalm 104
Psalm 2
Celebration of the Son
kingship psalm
Son of God
The Waiting
Psalm 13
individual lament
My Shield
Psalm 18
A Just Outcome
Psalm 37
Confidence for Zion
Psalm 46
Zion hymn
before exile
Our Story So Far
Psalm 78
historical reflection
before exile
The Temple Defiled
Psalm 79
communal lament
early exile
Psalm 90
communal lament
What Have We Learned?
Creation and Providence
Psalms 125-126
The Blessed People
covenant community
after exile
The Hound of Heaven
Psalm 148
Praise the LORD
praise hymn
week two
week one
week three
week four
week five
week six
week seven
week eight
week nine
week ten
week eleven
week twelve
week thirteen
OT 226
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