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Redwoods are being Poached

No description

Madeleine Student

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Redwoods are being Poached

How are they trying to prevent this?
What is Happening?
What happens to the Trees?
What do the Poachers do with huge wood slabs?
Why are the Redwoods so important?
What can we do to help?
We could tell other people about this problem
Help the environment here
Start fundraising and give your profits to the Redwood
Redwoods are being Poached
Poachers/ come at night
They cut huge slabs from the bottom of the tree
Done at night
Than they sell the slabs for thousands of dollars
A plant expert says it's like getting a cut on your knee
When that happens the scar is like a doorway for insects
They can chew away on the wood and eventually make the tree die
A lot of the tree's are thousands of years old
Could put an end to that whole long life.
Poachers sell them to wood carvers
Then they build them into tables, sculptures, or anything they want
Large pieces sell for more than $1,000
Sold all over the U.S
They are closing roads that go in to the park at night
Hard to protect 133,000 acres
People giving money to help plant more Redwoods
It provides home's to many plants, animals and bugs
It is a National Forest
It is a small part of what California used to look like
Great sight for scientist's to experiment at
So our future generation can learn and see a wonderful place
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