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Maria Danielle Rose CastRo

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of TLE REPORT.

Foundation Duties and responsibilities of Food Service Personnel B. Production Personnel D. Sanitation Personnel - An employee should be a friend
to all and is willing to be part of any team. *Ability to get along well with others Qualities That an Efficient Food Service Personnel Must Possess : Qualities, Duties, and Responsibilities
of Efficient Food Service Personnel A. Manager - Has the responsibility for the production and serving of foods that are safe, nutritious, attractive, and of good quality. - Has the reponsibility for the cleanliness, sanitation, and maintenance of all equipment and utensils used in the production and service of food as well as the site itself. LESSON 20 *Skillful *Cooperative - each food personnel should contribute to the group spirit by helping in the achievement of the objectives of the operation. *Dependable - an employee who ca be depended upon in the performance of duties and responsibilities. - Doing or accomplishing assigned tasks with accuracy at less cost and energy, *Trustworthy - an employe can be trusted in all aspects of the operation, especially with money, *Initiative - An ability to pursue an action without being asked. *Honesty - An employee whose actions are marked by integrity and free from deceit. *Desire for self-improvement - Willingness to improve oneself to contribute to the development of the company. *Capacity for growth - Share of interest to improve oneself not only physically and intellectually but also in assigned tasks. * Cheerful disposition - An efficient employee has a happy and pleasant outlook and spreads sunshine in the workplace. - Lays out plans to realize the objectives of preparing and serving food fast at reasonable cost. - holds responsibility - maintains the standards set efficiently and consistently. - performs delegation of responsibilities and authority to the different personnel. - provides personal development of the people working in the organization and fosters the development of their skills and abilities. C. Sales Personnel - Responsible for the quality service and the production of food that are saleable and reasonably- proced with the establishment still realizing some profit. E. Personnel Policies -Policies are formulated as guides for decision making to ensure that all courses of action are consistent with the goals and objectives of the food service establishment. It should be broad enough and flexible for consistency in interpretation. - After a prospective employee had
been hired, The establisment's personnel policies and code of conduct should be made clear. - The management must see to it that all policies, rules, and regulations are clear, reasonable, fair and reviewed regularly. proper dissemination of personnel policies is advantageous to employees. - The new employee's interest and support for the goals and objectives of the establishment should be the purpose of those policies. Advantages of
Proper Dissemination of
personnel Policies * To reduce time spent in acquiring and mastering skills for the preparation and serving of attractive, wholesome, and nutritious food of high quality at reasonable cost. * To prevent accidents and damage to properties and equipments. * To promote better understanding and close relationship among employees and management. *To give the employees a sense of achievement and prepare them for advancement.
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